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How to put out fires in Palworld

How to put out fires in Palworld

Michelle Cornelia

Raids can set your base on fire, but don't panic. Make sure you know how to put out fires in Palworld with these quick and easy ways.

You've probably seen clips showing what usually happens during raids in Palworld. The sheer horror of seeing a well-maintained base inevitably burn to ash as chaos ensues is something no one wants to experience in the game.

Or maybe you have experienced it yourself and have to start all over again. Either way, the bases could catch fire the gameno matter how cool or resourceful they look.

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Fortunately, there are ways to quickly deal with wood structure fires. Learn how to put out fires in Palworld to protect your precious base.

How to put out fires in your base in Palworld

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Just don't build anything in your temporary base for the boss to destroy.

There are two easy ways to put out fires in Palworld. The first requires that you have Water-type friends nearby. Fuack, Penking, or Celeray are the ones you'll usually find in the wild when you're starting out, and it's best to have a few of them in your base just in case.

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Aside from watering your crops, water friends can also help you put out fires when placed near a burning structure. Your base will likely be saved if the fire doesn't spread too much.

There is another way to put out fires, although this breaks the immersion briefly. To do this, you will need to go into construction mode and dismantle the burning parts of your base. Everything you dismantle will disappear with the flames.

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How to prevent fires in your base in Palworld

If you want to avoid your base being exposed to fire, it is recommended to build a stone or steel base. Although these materials may be damaged during raids, they are more durable and will not catch fire, unlike wood.

It takes some work to get all the materials, and if you're not too keen on it, you can also turn off raids from the game settings. Fortunately, the settings can be adjusted no matter how far you are in the game. So, if you change your mind later, feel free to play it again.

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