How to use ATT is Apple’s stunning new iPhone privacy feature

Apple’s stunning new iPhone privacy feature ADT is about to be introduced Any minute now. Here’s how it works and how to use it to stop unwanted tracking on your iPhone.

This will only mean one thing for April and iPhone and iPad users: Getting Started iOS 14.5, A barrage of great new features including a stunning privacy update that has been in production for months.

Application tracking transparency (ATT) can effectively pronounce the decision of the so-called identifier for advertisers (IDFA), A method used by apps to track you on your iPhone in apps and services. This is because in iOS 14.5, ATT introduces the need for applications to ask if they want to track your services.

It may not be obvious, but you will always be monitored when you use apps and services – The There are six trackers in average usage. Data collected about you can be collected without your knowledge and sold online.

By highlighting this practice, ATT is set up to actually hurt Facebook’s preferences for tracking you on other applications and websites you visit using IDFA. IDFA allows Facebook and its affiliates to see how successful advertising campaigns have been. Did you see an ad on Instagram, search the company via Google and then buy from their website.

Certainly not in iOS 14.5 in.

How does Apple ATT work on iOS 14.5 and how do I use it?

In iOS 14.5, when you open an app you will see a pop-up box: “Allow X to track you on other companies’ apps and websites.”

You can choose “Allow” or “Ask the app not to monitor”.

If you choose not to allow the application to be tracked, the developer will lose access to the IDFA. It sends a signal to the application asking the user not to track it in other ways, for example using their email address.

In iOS 14.5, you can control the monitoring of your iPhone settings from a central location, where there is a feature that covers all your apps. This is the default “Allow apps to monitor”, but if you switch it off, no app will request to monitor you (and your preference will be “not allowed” in all apps).

You can also manage the applications you are asked to monitor here and remove or add the ability to do so if you wish.

Apple’s iOS 14 privacy drive

Apple has developed the privacy and security features that iOS 14 introduced in 2019 with the iPhone maker iOS 13. It also makes Apple Privacy labels, Which reveals how much data applications collect and use about you.

IOS 14 privacy labels revealed how some apps, such as Signal, do not collect any iOS data WhatsApp is collecting huge amount. Forbes’ Jack Toffman This includes detail.

ATT in iOS 14.5: Why is Apple introducing this, and what will change it?

So this is why Apple is introducing iOS 14.5, the ATT privacy feature? If you ask the iPhone maker, it will say ATT for transparency and control. There were some concerns that developers might see ADT changing ITFA to developers Fingerprint, But says Apple doesn’t need it.

The iPhone maker has thereby created the privacy of protecting advertising technology in order to replace IDFA SKAdNetwork It tells the developer how many times a user has installed it after seeing an ad, and Individual click measurement, Showing the impact of leading ads without reuniting users with websites.

Apple hopes to encourage users with its iOS 145 privacy move to tell users who they are sharing with, for what purposes, and to stop bad data collection practices. You can still use the full list of features of the app without accepting the monitor.

Apple wants developers to show a screen before applications and websites for further clarification on monitoring before asking permission.

In iOS 14.5, ATT is implemented by Apple: if an application asks you not to track it, it will be removed from the Developer App Store if it continues to track you anyway

The ADT feature also applies to Apple’s apps, but the iPhone maker claims that none of its apps track data by sharing data with advertisers.

When it comes to mass data collection on the free services we use, features like the ATT of iOS 14.5 are a welcome thing. Privacy is about choice This may allow people to target this ad, but they must choose this and not opt ​​out.

Bravo may not launch Apple, iOS 14.5 soon.

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