May 21, 2024

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In the midst of the Delta Variation eruption, millions of Americans threatened to be deported

Millions of American families have been evicted from their homes since Saturday, July 31, after months of not being able to pay rent and ending a moratorium on protecting them due to the risk of crisis. On Friday, elected representatives of the House of Representatives failed to agree on additional time for troubled tenants. However, there is an urgency in this period where the delta variant will again increase the Govt-19 cases.

The parliamentary committee proposed to go until December 31, but its support was not enough. The deadline until October 18 was submitted for discussion. Unfortunately, not a single Republican supported the move. (…) It is very disappointing that the Republicans in the House and Senate refused to work with us on this issue., Democratic Republican leader Nancy Pelosi lamented in a statement on Friday evening. “This is a public health concern”White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre made the announcement during a daily news conference on the same day. Officials elected by the House of Representatives are now on leave until the end of August, and will be followed by senators a week later, setting aside the hope of a speedy deal.

According to the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, an independent research firm, more than 10 million Americans are lagging behind in paying their rent. According to a Census Bureau survey conducted with 51 million tenants in early July, 3.6 million tenants are at risk of being evicted within two months.

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President Joe Biden on Thursday asked Congress to extend the ban. But critics join in, and many blame him for waiting until the last minute. “The unconstitutional ban on CDC deportation has three days to expire [centres de prévention et de lutte contre les maladies], And what is President Biden’s solution? Blame the court and call on Congress to fix it. “Patrick McHenry, the Republican vice-chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, was upset that Republican members of the commission had not received any response and had set up a speech to extend the ban.

Financial aid blocked

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a major public health agency in the United States, suspended these discharges in September 2020 and then extended them on several occasions.

“Preventing the spread of Govt-19 is an important step in preventing people from being evicted from their homes and crowded places or places where they can – such as homeless shelters.”, CDC argue on their website. But the Supreme Court ruling last June that the renewal should be approved by Congress, no longer to be decided by the centers.

The ban lifted what was planned in March 2020 by the Trump administration to prevent millions of people who lost their jobs due to the epidemic from becoming homeless. But, according to the CDC, it is “Not all tenants care”.

To add to this coffeehouse situation, the money provided by the federal government to help residents who are having difficulty paying rent is failing to reach their bank accounts. It is paid to states and local communities, and is then responsible for distributing aid to households. However, complex systems need to be put in place to collect the demands, check the circumstances and pay the money … Thus, of the $ 46 billion provided by the government, only $ 3 billion has come, including the $ 25 billion provided in early February. Their goal.

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