May 18, 2024

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Israel: Tourist repatriation plan approved on November 1st

Those who received two vaccines before 6 months can enter the country

Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett, Minister of Health and Minister of Tourism on Thursday approved a plan to repatriate tourists from November 1.

Those who received at least 15 days and six months before the Pfizer, Moderna, Astrogeneca, Sinovac or Sinoform vaccines, those who were cured of the corona virus and those who presented a negative PCR test will be allowed to re-enter. Country ..

Those who received the 2nd dose 6 months ago and those who did not receive the 3rd dose will only be allowed to come as part of an organized trip. They must undergo an antigen test or PCR test every 72 hours for 14 days after entering Israel.

Recipients of the 3rd dose can return to Israel without restrictions.

People who have survived the coup at least 11 days before entering Israel will also be allowed to come, and if they have been infected with the disease for six months and have been vaccinated, they will be able to leave the country.

About 2,000 tourists a day will be allowed into the country.

In addition, people wishing to travel to Israel should not stay in a red country for more than 14 days before arriving in the Hebrew state.

Israeli borders have been closed to foreigners since March 2020.

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