June 13, 2024

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Live – Govit-19: Government invites French to “choose France” this summer

The Secretary of State for Tourism is inviting the French to “choose France” this summer

Is it fair to travel abroad this summer because of pollution in some European countries, such as the United Kingdom or Spain? “I urge the French to rediscover France and choose France,” said Jean-Baptiste Lemoine, Secretary of State for Tourism, in response to reports from France this morning.

“If they want to go abroad, I think it’s important to be well aware of the local epidemic situation,” he continues, citing the green-orange-red classification set up by Qui d’Orsay.

Jean-Baptiste Lemoine quotes, for example, that in the United Kingdom, contaminants associated with the delta variant are classified as orange upon eruption. “The UK is orange, which means we only welcome people who have been vaccinated during the holidays from the UK,” he explains. “We choose health care very strongly.”

Explosion in Indonesia: Restrictions extended to the whole country

The Indonesian government has expanded restrictions ordered to deal with Wednesday’s eruption to the entire archipelago, following the spread of a highly contagious delta variant.

“Cases are on the rise in other regions and we need to be vigilant about the vulnerability of hospitals,” said Minister Erlanga Hardardo, adding that the area-wide restrictions will remain in effect until July 20.

The American Airlines flight was delayed because the youths refused to wear masks

Local media reported that an American Airlines flight from Charlotte, North Carolina to the Bahamas was delayed by a day because about 30 youths refused to wear masks.

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American Airlines Flight 893, which was scheduled to take off from Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Monday, finally took off on Tuesday morning.

After the initial delay of several hours due to mechanical problems, the plane was confronted by a group of young people who refused to follow the rules in force in the United States – all passengers were required to wear masks to fight the Govt-19 epidemic and crew members, according to local channel WSOC-TV.

“It was horrible, at first they shouted, they threw insults.

A group of more than 30 teenagers from Boston high school students celebrated their graduation. After spending a night at the airport, they agreed to wear a mask the next day, and local media reported that police had not made any arrests.

The study suggests that toxilisumab effectively reduces mortality

A new study released on Tuesday found that one type of anti-inflammatory drug, including toxilisumab, effectively reduces the risk of death in hospitalized Covid-19 patients, including nearly 11,000 patients.

He therefore announced that the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended their use, similar to corticosteroids in acute patients with Govit-19.

Nerve toxilisumab showed mixed results in various small clinical trials, but this study was published in the journal Science Jama, Compiles the results of 27 clinical trials in 28 countries. Involved in such a large number of people in the first place.

According to Manu Shankar-Hari, a professor at King’s College London, this is “conclusive evidence”.

Complex care is further declining in patients, but cases are on the rise

Hello everyone and welcome to this new live dedicated to the evolution of the Govt-19 epidemic. According to the latest figures from the Public Health France, the number of patients in critical care services continues to decline, but pollution is accelerating again.

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The health agency counts 1,032 of these severe cases at the hospital, up from 1,077 the day before and more than 2,500 a month ago. A total of 7,637 people have been hospitalized due to Govt-19, which has been declining for two months.

Pollution for their part rose sharply on Monday, while many experts warned against the risk of a “fourth wave” in the coming weeks: Public Health France has calculated 3585 confirmed cases in 24 hours, the highest daily number since June 12.