June 13, 2024

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Live – Israel-Hamas: Macron continues Middle East tour, threatens UN aid to Gaza

Live – Israel-Hamas: Macron continues Middle East tour, threatens UN aid to Gaza

Arms transfer between Israel and Secretary-General Antonio Guterres at the UN

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday called for an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire” and condemned the “clear violations of humanitarian law” in the Palestinian territory, which is under constant bombardment and where aid is scarce.

The reports drew a violent reaction from Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen, who decided to cancel a planned meeting with Antonio Guterres. “Mr. General, what world do you live in?” he asked.

Jordan’s queen laments ‘blatant double standard’ between reactions to Israeli and Palestinian deaths

Queen Rania Abdullah of Jordan gave an interview to CNN yesterday. He considers the West “complicit” in the deaths of Palestinians in Gaza and deplores the “blatant double standard”.

The speech comes ahead of Emmanuel Macron’s meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan.

The Queen repeated the formula that “every country has the right to defend itself”, saying the response could not take the form of “butchery”.

Mother of Franco-Israeli hostages believes Emmanuel Macron “gave a lot of hope”

Hadas Calderon, whose two children and ex-husband disappeared after the Hamas attack, told BFMTV that she met Emmanuel Macron and the families of the hostages and victims at Tel Aviv airport on Tuesday.

“I think he is a very special person. He gave us a lot of hope,” he explained on our channel.

“I told him that I only trusted him. (…) But he told me that they (his relatives, editor’s note) were hostages, they were kidnapped. He did not know if they were together. Every effort will be made to ensure their release,” he said. He further explained.

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Read the full article at BFMTV.com.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog on BFMTV this evening

Israeli President Isaac Herzog will be a guest of BFMTV today at 7pm for an exclusive interview. He will answer questions from Yves Calvi and Ulysse Gosset.

Macron promises that “we will rest” when the hostages “return”.

“We will only rest when the mission is accomplished and our hostages will return,” declared Emmanuel Macron in a message read in the evening calling for the release of Hamas hostages organized in the National Assembly on Tuesday.

“I said to all our comrades: France has not abandoned any of its children. We will do everything possible to bring them safely to their homes,” the head of state promised in his message.

“It is imperative for me to return to Ramallah to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas,” Emmanuel Macron also wrote in a message. At X (formerly Twitter) After his visit to the West Bank, he said, “My condolences to the Israelis and Palestinians killed in a tragic Hamas terrorist attack.”

Read the full article at BFMTV.com.

Israel launches new airstrikes against “military infrastructure” in Syria

The Israeli military said on Wednesday that it had hit Syrian army military infrastructure and mortars in retaliation for firing at Israel yesterday (Tuesday). A spokesman told AFP the attacks took place inside Syria.

Israel continues to target positions in Syria and there are growing fears of an extension of the conflict between Israel and Hamas with Hezbollah in Damascus and Lebanon.

On Sunday, Israeli airstrikes hit two of Syria’s main airports, Aleppo and Damascus, killing two employees, official Syrian media reported. Both infrastructures were already out of service on the 12th, then Aleppo airport was targeted again on the 15th, injuring five people according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH).

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Israel: Who are the last French people to disappear from Hamas attacks?

According to Emmanuel Macron, nine French nationals are missing or held hostage by Hamas. Their release was the President’s “first objective”. A portrait of these hostages in our dedicated article.

UN chief condemns violations of humanitarian law in Gaza

The UN secretary-general on Tuesday condemned “clear violations” of humanitarian law in Gaza and called for an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire” before the Security Council splits on the 18th day of war between Israel and Hamas.

Antonio Guterres angered Israel, half-heartedly accusing it of justifying the bloody October 7 Hamas attack, while the Palestinian representative condemned the “inexcusable” inaction of the Security Council, which has exposed its divisions on the Israeli-Palestinian issue in recent weeks.

The statements drew a violent reaction from Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen, who decided to cancel a planned meeting with the UN Secretary-General. “Mr. General, what world do you live in?” he asked.

Emmanuel Macron will meet King Abdullah II of Jordan

Hello and welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to the latest events surrounding the war between Israel and Hamas and Emmanuel Macron’s ongoing trips to the Middle East.

The Head of State, who arrived in Amman last night, will meet King Abadallah II of Jordan today. According to our information, he is to meet President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Egypt.