June 24, 2024

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LIVE – War in Ukraine: Russia accuses Kiev of French-guided bombs

In a press release, the Russian Defense Ministry condemned “the Kyiv regime’s attempt to carry out terrorist attacks using French-made hammer-guided bombs.”
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More than two years of war in Ukraine

Were French guided bombs used?

Russia accuses the Kyiv regime of attacking the Russian region of Belgorod on the Ukrainian border with French Hammer guided missiles and US HARM anti-radar missiles. “An attempt by the Kiev regime to carry out terrorist attacks using French-made Hammer guided missiles and US-made HARM anti-radar missiles against targets on Russian territory has been thwarted,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a press release. Between 09:20 and 09:30 GMT this Saturday, “Russian anti-aircraft defense systems destroyed four guided missiles and two anti-radar missiles in the Belgorod region,” he said.

A village captured by Russia

Russia says it captured a village this Saturday near Vovsansk in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region, where the Russian military launched a new offensive last week. “Units of the Northern Group have liberated the village of Staritsa in the Kharkiv region and are advancing deep into the enemy’s defensive positions,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Two Russian attempts were repulsed

According to Oleg Synegubov, governor of the Kharkiv region, Ukrainian armed forces repelled two Russian attempts to breach the defenses during the night. But the situation is “under control,” he notes, adding that “guards are carrying out raids and search operations in some areas.”

Moscow attacked several towns, including Vovchansk, five kilometers from the border. “In the area of ​​the city of Vovsansk, Ukrainian troops are strengthening their defenses,” says Oleg Sinekupov. The governor said that earlier in the day, Russian forces had captured Vovchansk and that all but 200 residents had fled because of the fighting.

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10,000 evacuations in Kharkiv region

The governor announced the evacuation of nearly 10,000 people in the Kharkiv region in northeastern Ukraine following a ground offensive by Russian forces. “In total, 9,907 people were evacuated,” Oleg Sinekopov announced more than a week after the Russian offensive began.


The Ukrainian president also lashed out at his allies for banning them from attacking Russian borders using Western weapons.

“They can attack us from their territory, which is the biggest advantage Russia has, and we cannot do anything to their (weapons) systems located on Russian territory with Western weapons. We have no right,” he condemned. .

Zelensky wants Beijing to “engage” in the peace conference

The Ukrainian president wanted to see China and the South “engage” in a peace conference in Ukraine organized by Switzerland in mid-June.

Ukraine’s president noted that “global players” like China are “influencing Russia. And such countries are on our side, on the side of ending the war, I would say, and Russia will have to reckon with it.” .

There is no ceasefire during the Olympics

Volodymyr Zelensky told AFP on Friday that he rejected the idea of ​​a “fight” for the timing of the Paris Olympics this summer, which French President Emmanuel Macron wanted.

“I said: Emmanuel, we don’t believe in it. Let’s imagine for a second a ceasefire. First, we don’t believe in Putin. Second, he said in his third, (.. .) Tell Emmanuel, Russia will not use this to bring in its troops, I said. “Rejected a fight that played into the hands of the enemy.

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According to Zelensky, the shortage of labor and weapons

In his interview with AFP, Volodymyr Zelensky acknowledged the personnel shortage. “A significant number of regiments are lying vacant,” he said.

In total, Ukraine has only a quarter of the air defense systems it needs and needs a total of 120 to 130 F16 fighter jets to end Russia’s dominance in the airspace, the head of state said.

ZELENSKY expects a broad Russian offensive

In an exclusive interview with AFP, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he expects a wider Russian offensive to the north and east, aimed at capturing Kharkiv. “They have started their operation, which may have many waves, this is their first wave,” said Mr. Zelensky promised on Friday.

Yet despite Russian advances in the Kharkiv region in recent days, he assured his forces that the situation was better than when Kremlin troops were surprised to cross the border a week ago.

“We want the war to end with a peace for us, and the West wants the war to end as quickly as possible,” he said. Additionally, deploying new supplies of Western weapons could take months, during which there is a risk of Russian “advances” in some areas, Mr. Zelensky said. But, “(the fight in Ukraine) no one is going to give up. I am sure that no matter what difficulties are faced, no matter what progress is made, there will still be no global progress,” the head of state said.

Kharkiv is still at the heart of concerns. On Friday May 17, Russia said it was advancing in this northeastern Ukrainian region, where it has been conducting an offensive for a week, the purpose of which, according to Vladimir Putin, is to create a buffer zone to prevent strikes by Kyiv on Russian territory. “In a week, the (…) units of the ‘Northern’ group (…) have liberated twelve positions in the Kharkiv region (…) and are advancing deep into the enemy’s defenses.” The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Ukraine, for its part, said Russian forces had destroyed the town of Vovchansk and were continuing to advance in the area. According to the same source, about 200 civilians live there, while the town, located fifty kilometers from the regional capital Kharkiv, had about 18,000 inhabitants before the war. The Russian military has often destroyed Ukrainian cities to capture them, such as Baghmoud last year or Avdiivka in February.

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A little further to the west, Russian forces have launched their second axis of offensives in the region. They target the village of Laukyansi to open the way to Liptsi, another section on the road to Kharkiv. “The hostilities continue in Loukiantsi, but our soldiers are still trying to hold it.” said the governor of the Kharkiv region. For its part, the Russian military confirmed that its forces are continuing to advance, claiming to have captured twelve locations in the region in a week.

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