June 23, 2024

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Netanyahu’s rival, Benny Gantz, demands post-war plan for Gaza under penalty of resignation

Netanyahu’s rival, Benny Gantz, demands post-war plan for Gaza under penalty of resignation

Update on the situation – The Israeli military announced on Saturday that it had returned the body of an Israeli hostage rescued from the Gaza Strip after the first three bodies were returned on Friday.

Political tensions are rising in Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu’s main rival, Benny Gantz, is threatening to quit the war cabinet. After returning the bodies of three hostages found in Gaza on Friday, the IDF announced on Saturday that it had found the body of a new hostage. For its part, the UN for Palestinian refugees The agency UNRWA says 800,000 Palestinian refugees have been displaced since May 6, while violent fighting continues in Rafah. Le Figaro Examines the state of the conflict between Hamas and Israel.

Kants threatens to quit War Cabinet

Benjamin Netanyahu’s main rival, Benny Gantz, gave the Israeli prime minister three weeks. “Action Plan” If the strategy fails, especially in the post-war period in the Gaza Strip, he will resign. “The War Cabinet should formulate and approve an action plan for achieving six strategic objectives of national importance by June 8”Benny Gantz, in a televised speech, insisted otherwise “Forced to resign from government”.

One “Targets” There should be a plan “Establishing a US-European-Arab-Palestinian Administration to Manage Civil Affairs” In Gaza “Neither Hamas nor (Mahmoud) Abbas will lay the foundation for a future transition”Palestinian Authority President Benny Gantz recounted the 2007 expulsion from the Gaza Strip by Hamas. He also called for a normalization with Saudi Arabia “within the broader framework of implementing an alliance between the “free world” and the Arab world against Iran and its allies”.

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“The conditions set by Benny Gantz are rephrased and the meaning is clear: the end of the war and the defeat of Israel”Benjamin Netanyahu blamed his rival in a press release “Looking for an excuse to topple the government” and should “Creation of the State of Palestine”. Without the Likud party’s parliamentary majority, Benjamin Netanyahu leads a coalition that is considered the most right-wing in Israel’s history.

A 53-year-old Israeli was found in Gaza

‘The Israeli army announced on Saturday that it had returned the body of an Israeli rescued from the Gaza Strip who was taken by Hamas on October 7 after he was killed in an attack by the Palestinian movement in southern Israel.

The body of 53-year-old Ron Benjamin was found along with three other hostages, Shani Luke, Amit Buskila and Itzhak Gelander, whose bodies will be returned on Friday, Israeli military spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said.

On Friday, he indicated that the bodies of these hostages were recovered “During Joint Military-Intelligence Operations” Especially based on the information received “During the Interrogation of Arrested Terrorists in the Gaza Strip”.

According to “The verified information we have is that Ron Benjamin was assassinated on October 7th (…)” And His body was flown to Gaza By Hamas, Rear Admiral Hagari explained. “After an identification procedure carried out at the Israeli National Institute of Forensic Medicine (…)”Army “Informed his family today”Saturday, he added.

800,000 Palestinians displaced

UN for Palestinian refugees The agency UNRWA says 800,000 people have fled Rafah since May 6 and Israeli ground operations have begun in the area from the Gaza Strip.

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In Rafah, “800,000 people (…) have been forced to leave since Israeli forces launched a military operation in the area on May 6”X Philippe Lazzarini, the boss of Anrva, points out. “In response to evacuation orders to flee to the so-called safe areas, they mainly moved to the central areas (the Gaza Strip) and Khan Yunis (the south, editor’s note), including destroyed buildings.”He adds.

“The claim that Gaza residents can move to “safe” or “humanitarian” areas is false (….) There are no safe areas in Gaza”Philippe Lazzarini assures. “The areas where people are migrating today do not have clean water supply or sanitation facilities.”He adds.

Since May 6, the Israeli military has ordered residents of several eastern neighborhoods of Rafah to leave before launching bombings. “Target Functions” On the ground to eliminate the last Hamas battalions he believes.

Violent fighting in Jabaliya and Rafah

According to UNRWA, violent clashes broke out between Palestinian militants and Israeli troops on Saturday in Jabalia in the north of the Gaza Strip and Rafah in the south. In the eighth month of its war against the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, the Israeli military said on Saturday “Around fifty terrorists eliminated” In East Rafah.

According to AFP reporters, artillery and airstrikes continue east and northeast of Rafah. The city’s Kuwait Hospital said two people died in a camp for displaced people due to the strike. The al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, said it was confronting Israeli troops in the east of the city, which entered the sector on May 7.

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“Dozens of people were martyred and hundreds were injured.” In Jabalia, Hamas said on Saturday, it blamed the Israeli army “Destroy residential buildings (…) and target schools and shelters”.