February 27, 2024

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Neither Joe Biden nor US Vice President Kamala Harris will attend COP28 in Dubai

Neither Joe Biden nor US Vice President Kamala Harris will attend COP28 in Dubai

Special Climate Envoy John Kerry will represent the US President at COP28 in the United Arab Emirates next week. The White House is pushing an international agenda that is too busy with the war in Gaza.

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With our correspondent in Miami, David Thompson

A few weeks ago, Joe Biden called global warming the ultimate threat to humanity. However, this year, the US president wants to skip COP28, as does his vice president, Kamala Harris.

Although it was not customary for US presidents to participate in every United Nations climate conference prior to his visit, Joe Biden had participated in the previous two COPs. In Glasgow in 2021, he announced the return of the US to the Paris Agreement and apologized for the withdrawal of his country decided by his predecessor Donald Trump.

Global warming is a priority

The White House highlights the particularly busy international agenda of the president and his vice president this year. “ A war in the Middle East, another in Ukraine, they have two or three things to do », last week John Kerry, White House Special Envoy for Climate, will lead negotiations for the United States during the 28th UN Climate Conference, which opens this Thursday and December 12 in Dubai.

A White House spokesman assures that global warming remains one of his administration’s priorities. ” Joe Biden, she says, Introduced the most ambitious climate plan in history. » Reference to the $370 Billion Inflation Reduction Act over ten years to phase out fossil fuels.

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