February 27, 2024

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What do we know about the five French people who are still missing or believed to be hostages?

What do we know about the five French people who are still missing or believed to be hostages?

“France is working to free all French people who are missing or held hostage,” Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna pledged on Tuesday.


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Participants in a march against anti-Semitism hold portraits of Hamas hostages in Paris on November 12, 2023.  (Laur Boyer/Hans Lucas/AFP)

Three French youths, aged between 12 and 16 and detained in the Gaza Strip, were released by Hamas on Monday, November 27. The release took place within the framework of an agreement between the Palestinian Islamic Movement and Israel mediated by Qatar, the United States and Egypt.

Five French or dual nationals are now missing or held hostage by Hamas. Francinfo describes what we know of their situation.

Two relatives of the hostages have already been released and three participants of the techno music festival

The identities of French nationals missing since the October 7 terrorist attacks are known. Here’s what we know about it.

Offer the calderoneThe 53-year-old father of Erez and Sahar was released on Monday. On the day of the attack, they were in Kibbutz Nir Oz, located two kilometers from the Gaza Strip.

Ohad Yahalomi, a 49-year-old Franco-Israeli, is Eden’s father, who was released on Monday. Aidan’s mother Bat-Sheva testified that he was wounded in the attack and disappeared.

Mia Scheme, 21, appeared as a prisoner in a video released by Hamas on October 16. In the footage, which was filmed under duress, the young woman said she had injured her arm and was in Gaza. More than 3,000 people attended the Tribe of Nova techno music festival in the Negev desert when he was abducted by terrorists.

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Elia Toledo27-year-old Mia is Scam’s friend. “We are fully mobilized to receive the publication of Elya Toledano and Mia Shem” Whose destiny is in the balance “bargain” Hamas is waiting “volatile” For their loved ones, said Sacha Khoslan, a lawyer for several hostage families.

Orion Hernandez-Radoux, a 30-year-old Franco-Mexican tourist, was at Noa’s tribal festival. His mother said he went there with a German friend, Shani Luke, who was killed by Islamists German media NTV. During the Hamas attack, Orion Hernandez-Radoux initially fled in a car with another friend, his mother said. Parisian. “We don’t know how, but we know they’re separatedshe said. His friend was found dead three days later and was taken to Gaza.

The situation of missing persons or hostages, in which France is wise

Are these five Frenchmen prisoners alive? Can’t know for sure. Radio guest RTL On Tuesday, Catherine Colonna was deliberately evasive on the matter. France is trying to get rid of it “All other French persons missing or held hostage”Foreign Minister assured. “We need to find them, give them freedom, return them to their families”, she added. Why then distinguish between missing persons and presumed hostages?

“We make this distinction with caution every time we talk about it. In fact, we’ve got proof of life related to some of the missing French people, but not sure about others.”

Catherine Colonna, Minister of Foreign Affairs


“It’s sensible to talk about ‘missing people’ or ‘hostages’ – of course we hope all are hostages and they will be released soon”The head of French diplomacy continued. “We are fully mobilized for this.” Asked about the number of French people taken hostage, Catherine Colonna also dismissed the question: “We don’t want to say that.”

Ambiguity about possible detentions by groups other than Hamas

Qatar said on Monday that some forty hostages in Gaza were not held by Hamas, but by Islamic Jihad and other armed groups. When asked about this, Catherine Colonna mentioned “Other persons who have committed heinous abuse”. Are there any Frenchmen among these who have not found themselves in the hands of Hamas? “Can’t say everything. Don’t say everything”, Foreign Minister replied.

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Hamas is responsible for handing over hostages to Israel, whether or not they hold them in the Palestinian territories. “He is the interlocutor of Qatar, Israel, and he is the one who unites them, frees them, and ensures that everything goes well in good health.”Catherine Colonna explained again.