May 21, 2024

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Netflix reveals release dates for Stranger Things season 4, final season

Netflix reveals release dates for Stranger Things season 4, final season

After the disappearance of Almost three yearsAnd Weird things It is finally back for its fourth season. Season 4 will be split into two separate volumes, with the first arriving on May 27 and the second on July 1, the show’s creators announced Thursday. The announcement also included a few other tidbits about the show, including the fact that Season 5 will be the last episode of the series…but it won’t be the last in the Stranger Things universe.

All of these ads came directly from Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer, the creators of Weird things, in an open letter to the masses. Season 4 includes “nine scenarios” and is the biggest and longest season in the show’s history to date, which is part of the reason the Duffers decided to split it in half, they said. One thing the letter didn’t mention is exactly how many episodes will be in each volume of the season.

The Duffers also told fans that their plan was always to finish the story of Eleven and the town of Hawkins, Indiana, in four or five seasons, which they assured fans would make perfect sense once they saw Season 4.

Finally, the Duffers quipped that while the Season 5 finale would mark the end of the Stranger Things story, it wouldn’t be the end of the greater universe.

“There are still many exciting stories to tell in the world of Stranger Things. New puzzles, new adventures, and unexpected new heroes,” the Dover brothers said.

While no plans have been announced yet, it certainly seems to mean that Weird things The spin-off may be on its way to Netflix in the near future. But first, we have to see how it goes at Hawkins (or Russia).

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