June 25, 2024

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News | Corona virus: the fall of the vaccine, the threat of delta variation, to the Ministry of Health, “now everything is playing”

The finding worries health officials: the number of first injections in France fell by the end of April (about 225,000 a day against 400,000 at the peak of the campaign). “Everything is still being played now”, We support the Department of Health, which seals the threat of delta diversity, particularly the recurrence of the epidemic in the United Kingdom.

According to the World Health Organization, delta diversity is dominating the world. After India, he wins United Kingdom, where the epidemic returns to youth, Have not yet been vaccinated or received a single dose (10,000 cases / day, 200 hospital admissions / day). Russia faces a serious epidemic in Moscow. Delta has been found in more than 75 countries, across Europe and is making rapid progress “, Writes on social networks, Director General of Health Jerome Solomon. The vaccine is very effective as shown by the British results: the risk of severe form after one injection is 70% and more than 90% after two injections (…) There is no reason to do this! “

With 300,000 appointments available for the next three days, vaccine levels are no longer available, the health ministry is appealing. “We have to bring as many people as possible to the vaccine to catch the delta variant with surprise. With the number of places available today and a booster after 21 days, we can get a complete vaccination schedule by the 15th. We will be protected for five weeks by July. We have to put all the opportunities on our side.”