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Nintendo Switch Sports may support AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution

Nintendo Switch Sports may support AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution

Nintendo Switch Support AMD FSR

It looks like a soon-to-be-released game may support AMD FSR at some point (either at launch or later). As discovered by @NWPlayer123, the user agreement states that the game features an AMD FidelityFX and FidelitFX Super-Resolution license. The information does not say how FSR will be used in the game, but one would guess that it might find its use in TV mode where a higher resolution (1080p) is used.

The Nintendo Switch is based on the NVIDIA Tegra chip, which does not support the Deep Learning Super Sampling technology powered by Tensor (NVIDIA DLSS). While NVIDIA offers Image Sharpening (NIS) technology to PC users, it is assumed that Nintendo developers chose a more complex approach when designing their game. This is despite the fact that both NIS and FSR are now open source.

AMD FSR License at Nintendo Switch Sports, Source: @NWPlayer123

Just yesterday Valve has enabled FSR for Steam Deck, which will now be available in all games through Gamescope. The Nintendo Switch console has long been rumored to receive a hardware upgrade that would bring it 4K DLSS output in TV mode. These rumors found no evidence even though the company decided to release an OLED model with almost identical specifications. The console is still based on the Tegra X1 SoC with 256 CUDA cores in the Maxwell architecture.

Nintendo Switch Sport is a collection of games including Soccer, Valleybak, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton and Chambara, all using Nintendo Joy-Con controllers. This game is not yet released but will soon start online play test (Feb 19). The game is slated to release on April 29th.

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