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PSA: The Nintendo eShop is closing, it's time to save your 3DS Pokémon

PSA: The Nintendo eShop is closing, it’s time to save your 3DS Pokémon

Wednesday, Nintendo announced that it will be closing online stores for both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS console In late March 2023 Nintendo eShopwhich has persisted across both platforms, currently offers digital game downloads, demos, and other free content.

While players are already concerned about preserving their previous game content, and about missing out on certain features, there is another side effect: the impact on a Pokémon bank. Pokemon Bank Service Provides a giant digital storage facility for all Pokemon Caught across different games and memorized. In 2020, Nintendo The successor feature, Pokémon Home . has debuted.

Pokémon Bank will eventually not be available on the 3DS, and is currently the only way to port your Pokémon friends from older generation games to newer ones. Players who do not download Pokémon Home before the eShop stops will lose the ability to keep any valuable catches, including Shiny Pokémon and Event Mythicals. The Pokémon Company shared a statement on its official website.

With the Nintendo eShop service discontinued for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, Pokemon Bank The Nintendo 3DS will be available for free to users. You will still be able to transfer the Pokémon you have deposited in Pokémon Bank to it Pokemon Home Even after stopping the paid service, you’ll still be able to fetch Pokémon to the Pokémon Bank from compatible titles. However, you will need to sign up for a paid Pokémon HOME Premium plan to do so.

In late March 2023, Pokemon BankPaid passes will not be offered for purchase, at that time Pokemon Bank And Bucky Transporter It will no longer be available for download. On the same day, trainers will be able to start using Pokemon Bank without costs. Know that there will be no refunds for paid passes that have already been purchased.

While it’s likely that most people have already cared about porting their old “mons” from the 3DS, and some simply don’t care about catching them all, there are likely to be a few trainers out there who would like to disable some of their rarest or most beloved ones. He hunts from the back in the day and carries him to the safety of the house. (We have prepared a useful guide To guide you through the process of catching Pokémon from far away ruby And sapphire.) It’s still sad to think of all the Pokémon that will be left behind as the eShop shutdown begins. As a consolation, Nintendo is removing bank fees to make this process easier.

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