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Pokemon Go trainers can’t hold two Master Balls despite new research

Pokemon Go trainers can’t hold two Master Balls despite new research

published: 2023-09-01T17:06:11

updated: 2023-09-01T17:06:21

Pokemon Go players can only hold one Master Ball at a time although the game offers an opportunity to earn a second Ball.

One of the most sought after items in Pokemon has always been the Master Ball. Players are sure to catch anything, and tend to save it for a rare catch.

The Rare Ball was added to Pokemon Go in July 2023, and some Trainers have been saving the Rare Ball in an effort to stock up on several at once.

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According to the pokemon go The assist center, however, can only carry one cue ball at a time, so it’s best for coaches to find a use for their first cue ball before finalizing the latest research.

Pokemon Go trainers can only have one Master Ball

in the help center The section that lists Item Types and their Effects, there is a section that mentions Poke Balls and how they work.

At the bottom of the first paragraph, it says: “The Master Ball is a very rare and special type of Poké Ball with a capture rate of 100%. Note that you can only carry one Master Ball in your bag at a time.”

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This means that before you can get the cue ball offered by the last timed probe, you must use the ball you have if you haven’t already.

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The latest research, Timed Investigation: Master Ball, offers a wide range of fairly challenging missions to complete in order to get the Master Ball a second time.

Many have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the missions, as rural players will have problems completing the required number of raids.

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We’ve reached out to Niantic and will update this article if they comment. Meanwhile, you can Head over to our Pokemon Go section To check out more coverage.