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Renewal of decisions and alliances for the second round abroad

Voters are invited to vote in the second round of regional and sectoral elections in Reunion Island and Guadeloupe on Sunday, June 27, while Martinique and Guyana citizens will nominate members of their regional councils, a regional council with powers.

Except for the mayo, Mass voting event It marked the first round, Sunday, June 20, with no exits from overseas. In Guadeloupe, Ari Salas (La Repubblica en Marche, LRM), missed the re-election in the first round. In Martinique and Reunion, the left-hander favored the second round, while Guyana and Mayotte on the right seem to be in the lead.

At the end of the negotiations between the different lists that were able to retain themselves – the deadline is Tuesday 22nd June at 6pm local time – here is the list of the forces involved.

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  • Guadeloupe: The LRM leader is in force against the Socialist Party list

The ballot, which runs 12 lists to select 41 regional advisers, was marked by a very strong turnout, with a turnout of only 30.85%, up from 47.21% in 2015. List Salas (LRM), led by outgoing President Ari, missed the re-election in the first round and collected 49.31% of the registered vote. However, he is ahead by more than 30 points on the Socialist Party (PS) list, led by department head Josett Boral-Lincherd, with a total of 17.38% of the vote.

The election campaign has floated with political and financial investigations, with several candidates being held in police custody in recent weeks. This is the position of Ari Salas on May 11 as part of an investigation into the “breach of trust, embezzlement of public funds and illegal funding” during the 2015 campaign. The party has been remanded in police custody as part of an investigation into Joset Boral-Linzert, a candidate of the Socialist Guadeloupean Federation, for “taking illegal interests, complicity in or covering up illegal interests”.

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The two lists did not reach the 10% that qualified for the second round, but could be combined to convince the spoilers to play: the regionalist creation of Ronald Cellphone (the “Allianz National Quadloop”) who brought together 9,39% of the vote, and the list of related modem Max Mathias – who holds the general power in September Violation of trust and misappropriation of public property by one person “- ranked fourth with 5.56% voice.

Candidates must submit their lists before 6pm local time (midnight, Paris time) on Tuesday, June 22nd.

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  • Martinique: Towards a quadrant

The Martinique vote will enable for the first time to renew the elected representatives of its new single local authority, which was born in 2015 from the merger of the Regional Council and the General Assembly. Fourteen lists competed for Martinique’s regional partnership unheard of in this former monodepartmental region.

The first round benefited two major parties that had dominated local politics for a generation: the Socialist Party-affiliated Progressive Martinique Party (PPM) and the regionalists of the Martinique Freedom Movement (MIM). The “Aliens Matinik” list, led by BPM deputy Serge Letzimi, topped the list with 31.66% of the vote, followed by Alfred Marie-Jean’s MIM list, the outgoing chairman of the Martinique local authority’s board, with 25.80%.

The other two lists received more than 10% of the vote: Jean-Philippe Nilor with 12.01%, and “Ansonm Boy-Nou” with Catherine Conconne and her 10,63% of the vote, along with the La Martinique group. Showing their caution on the evening of the first round, the four lists finally decided not to merge, According to First : So Martinique goes to a quadruple on June 27th.

  • Reunion: Union of Leftists facing President DVD

In Reunion, the region’s second round came out with 31.10% of the region’s outgoing president Didier Robert and his list of rights and centers (DVD) since Sunday, one union list led by Huquet Bello. Second-placed mayor of Saint-Paul on Sunday (20.74%) was the mayor of Saint-Denis, mayor of Saint-Denis on Tuesday, Socialist Erica Parquets, third Sunday evening (18.48%), and Patrick LeBron (7.78%) of various left. Erica Brechts is third and Patrick LeBron is sixth. La Premier teaches us.

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“We reached a trade union agreement on Sunday evening.”, Welcomed Hooket Bellow. “Our plans are very close”, Commented Fran பிரான்ois Hollande’s former foreign minister Erica Brechts. “We have to do everything to beat Didier Robert”, He added. Fourth-left candidate Oliver Horave (4.24%) could not unite because he did not reach the 5% point in the first round, but he offered his support. “Progressive Camp”. If the total number of votes on the left is theoretically greater than the number of votes cast for Didier Robert in the first round, the postponement of the vote is still necessary to fully function.

For his part, the outgoing president lost about ten points compared to the first round of 2015. Due to a sentence, at the end of May, Three years disqualification for “taking illegal interests” and “misappropriation of corporate assets”, Didier Robert advanced. Nevertheless, he hopes to convince many non-voters, and appealed “People of other senses”.

  • Guyana: President exits first round, no deal on left

Centurion Rodolphe Alexandre, the outgoing chairman of Guyana’s local authority (regional integration and sector starting in 2015), is leading by a large margin with 43.72% of the vote at the end of the first round.

Deputy Gabriel Cerville’s left-wing list “Cayenne Contre Progress” – supported by La France Inzuimis, Generation Movement. S and its movement Ghost Guyane – came in second with 27.7% of the vote. For his part, Jean-Paul Ferreira came in third with 23.3%, backed by five parties on the local left. The two lists on the left can be merged because Jean-Paul Ferreira called “Collecting” Sunday night. In fourth place, the list of municipal councilor Jesse American in Saint-Laurent-to-Maroni (5.27%) can also be combined with the two lists on the left.

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Mathematically, the two left-wing candidates could have a majority based on the results of the first round. ” It remains to be seen whether the ongoing negotiations will lead to a long-declared union, or a regrettable disagreement with the general front against Rodolf Alexandre. », Observe the local daily France-Guyana. The local time (11pm. Paris time) is until 6pm on Tuesday to submit their combined lists (or not) to the province.

  • Mayotte Department: LR exits the game

After the March 29, 2009 referendum and the August 3, 2009 organic law, Mayot became a foreign sector in 2011. On Sunday, June 20, there were no regional elections, but only the first round of a department, with the Republicans (LR) emerging in a strong position. Contrary to the general turnout seen everywhere else in France, 64% of those registered went to the polls.

The island’s 93,000 voters are set to elect a total of 26 departmental councilors to the lake. The LR, which delivered nine pairs in thirteen zones, was able to qualify for the second round in seven zones, particularly in the cities of Sada, Mama oudzou and Palmondsi, with Daniel Sadani, former chairman of the Outgoing Couples Department, and Zohirat L. Hadat (“Moyot Development Movement”), the center. The re-election was missed on the 1stThere is Round of 7 voices.

Only one pair was selected in the first round at Mayotte: they were selected in the zone of Mazunati Massa Ahmadi and Ali Omar (“New Inspiration for Mayotte”), Tzoudzi-Lapotier. So the second round of voting in the field will see 11 duels and a triangle.

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