May 21, 2024

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Russian military calls for evacuation of Kiev civilians living near Ukrainian intelligence infrastructure

Russian military calls for evacuation of Kiev civilians living near Ukrainian intelligence infrastructure

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Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schrder, who is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian energy complex, actually took a stand on Thursday. On February 24, he condemned and called for an invasion of Ukraine “Do not sever ties completely” With Moscow.

“The people of Ukraine must end the war and its suffering as soon as possible. This is the responsibility of the Russian government. “Former President (1998-2005) of the social network Linkedin. “Much has been said in recent years about the flaws and shortcomings in relations between the West and Russia. There have been many more mistakes – on both sides.”Mr. Schrder, Mr. He has become a complex figure in his own country because of his close ties with Putin.

“But Russia’s security interests do not justify the use of military means.”He judges. “For the future, the necessary sanctions must be in place to ensure that the existing political, economic and civil relations between Europe and Russia are not completely severed.”, 77-year-old Mr. Schrder suggests joining the oversight board of the Russian giant Gazprom in June. These links “Despite the current dramatic situation, the basis of the hope we all have is: a dialogue on peace and security on our continent is possible again.”The former Social Democrat president concludes.

Mr. Schrder is already chairman of the board of directors of Rosneft, Russia’s leading oil company, and chairman of the shareholders’ board of directors of the controversial Russian-German gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, which was suspended by Germany on Monday. Mr Schrder’s relations with Russia have drawn growing criticism in Germany, where voices have been raised in recent weeks that the benefits he enjoyed as former president should be removed. Current Social Democrat President Olaf Scholes has stepped down from his former mentor in recent weeks.

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From Thursday, Mr. No additional position has been made public from Schrder or the German government. However, the Reuters news agency said on TuesdayEr In March, the entire cabinet of the former president decided to resign. Albrecht Funk, one of Schrder’s cabinet members, told Reuters he had asked for two secretaries, a driver and himself to be transferred to new positions within the presidency. He did not want to give a reason for the decision.

Reuters could not reach Gerhard Schrder for comment and the Chancellor did not immediately respond to requests. The world This information has not yet been verified.