June 23, 2024

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Live – The World Bank is preparing a $ 3 billion grant to Ukraine.  – Release

Live – The World Bank is preparing a $ 3 billion grant to Ukraine. – Release

Reader Question

Why is Putin talking about destroying Ukraine?

helaudie_lgd (via Instagram)

To answer this question, here is an excerpt from a column signed this Tuesday Release By John SapodotHistorian, Professor of Contemporary History at Paris-Sorbonne.

“History is these lights that we retrieve from the past or these symbols that we polish. These are also stamped notes and words: the Ukrainian power, according to Putin, is a “Nazi” mob. Remember that President Zhelensky was a Jew, which he did not doubt the sympathy of the Third Reich. But the argument struck by television and the Russian-dominated press was effective: it is a reminder that during World War II, there were as many anti-Stalinist collaborators in the region as there were in the Baltic countries. An alliance with the Germans would drive out the Bolsheviks), but also expel them from anti-Semitism. There are neo-Nazi far-right in Ukraine, and thousands of shaved idiots want to play runes and swastikas against Russians and Jews.

Extraordinary skill: Putin calls for Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their arms and call for a general recollection of the “Great Patriotic War” (1941-1945) against the “German fascists” – victory only if one’s ability is mentioned. Ukrainian military resistance and difficulties of the Russian army. The war against the Germans, as catastrophic and deadly as it was, Stalin had a defense, he sought to forget the people by the general epic, the superiority of the motherland, and the cruelty of the famine he had committed. Invaded Ukraine in the 1930s […].

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Putin and his media are aimed at recalling undeniable historical facts. Calling contemporary Ukrainians “Nazis” is as absurd as adorning the Vertigris of today’s Germans or Austrians.

The full history can be found here.

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