June 13, 2024

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Russian warning fire in the Black Sea against British ship

Rare naval incident in the Black Sea: Wednesday, June 23, the Russian Foreign Ministry blamed London “Naked provocation” And the Royal Navy ship HMS Defender, The same morning approached the beaches of Crimea, the annexed Ukrainian peninsula and the most important maritime zone where the Russians were trying to establish their regional hegemony. In turn, the Russian Defense Ministry said it had fired warning shots at the British building, and The bomb even exploded in its path. London has denied violating international law.

According to Moscow, the H.M.S. Defender, Operating in the northwestern part of the Black Sea and entering its territorial waters across Russia’s borders. The ship was not far from the port of Sebastopol, the site of the Russian navy, and had sailed 3 kilometers off Russian waters near Cape Philanthropy. “If it continues to be illegal in the territorial waters of the Russian Federation, the destroyer has been warned that it may use weapons in the past. According to the official version presented by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

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The Russian ship reportedly fired warning shots, and an SU-24M aircraft reportedly dropped bombs in the path of a British ship. Russian authorities have also released an exact “time”: 12:06 and 12:08, warning shots. At 12:19 p.m., precautionary bombing of the SU-24M in the path of the destroyer. At 12.23 pm, the British ship reportedly left the Russian border. “Dangerous actions of a British naval destroyer in the Black Sea [représentent] Blatant violation of the United Nations ”, Condemned the Russian Ministry of Defense “The British side to conduct a full investigation into the activities of the HMS team that destroyed Defender ».

“Crimean water is not Russian”

“We believe the Russians conducted firing exercises in the Black Sea and alerted the maritime community about their actions, but no fire was fired at the HMS,” he said. Protector, We reject the claim that the bombs were dropped in its path. “ A spokesman for the British Ministry of Defense responded. “The Royal Navy was not in Russian waters, it took the internationally recognized route between Ukraine and Georgia”, “he said. A Downing Street spokesman said.

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