June 21, 2024

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Sean McVay hints at a possible neurological problem for Cooper

Sean McVay hints at a possible neurological problem for Cooper

Rams receiver Cooper Cobb has a hamstring problem. Wednesday. Coach Sean McVay suggested the root cause could be a neurological problem.

“I would just say this, it’s just trying to figure out what’s going on with him,” McVay said when asked why Cobb’s recent visit to a Minnesota specialist. “Again, I’m kind of talking out of turn. I just know we’re trying to open all the avenues in terms of figuring out what’s going on, why he’s feeling certain sensations and things like that in the hamstring. Is it the soft tissue? Is there something neurological? And I’ll be talking out of turn.

“I think we’re really trying to be able to figure that out. He just felt like he got a lot of information, and he was able to do a couple of days of therapy that was helpful, but it wasn’t something like, well, he’s coming back now. And we had a feeling there might be a few Weeks where we need to be able to deal with it day to day and then hopefully start to see some positive results in terms of how he feels, what that means for his rehab program and as far as the schedule is concerned, he could be anywhere Between whether we decide to put him on IR or it could take a couple of weeks.But as soon as I get that info I’ll let you guys know.I know he wants to be there badly, we want him to be there but we don’t want to rush it either.

It seems rather significant, based on McVeigh’s comments. Especially given McVeigh’s reputation for downplaying injuries.

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If it comes to what he said on Wednesday, if McVay is downplaying the situation with Cope, the truth is probably worse than anyone realizes.