June 21, 2024

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The first pill to treat cowpea was soon sold in France?

Merck Covid tablet

If the results announced by Merck & Co are confirmed, it will be the first pill to treat Govit-19 disease.

Coronavirus – Merck & Co (MSD) Laboratory announced this Friday, October 1st, that an antiviral drug, molnupravir, reduces the risk of hospital and patient death. Govit-19 A half. Other known drugs (Dexamethasone, tocilizumabMolnupravir has similar effects A treatment Administered orally. Clearly, this is the first time that the results announced by Merck have been confirmed Tablet Used to treat Govit-19 disease.

Accreditation will also be submitted to the European company Huff Post Clarice Loste, President of MSD France. Work is already underway with French authorities to “make medicine available to French patients as soon as possible.”

A Press ReleaseMerck notes that the clinical trial was performed on 385 people treated with molnupravir. The control panel of 377 people, without treatment, allows comparisons to be made. At 29 days after infection, 7.3% of those who took the Merck pill within 5 days of the onset of symptoms were hospitalized, compared with 14.1% of those who received placebo. No deaths were reported in the molnupravir group, compared to 8 in the control group.

Merck has already begun manufacturing the drug in advance and plans to file an emergency request with the US Drug Enforcement Administration (FDA). He would have asked Merck to stop recruiting for its clinical trial because of its positive results. According to Dean Li, Merkel is head of development, Investigating According to StotNews, no specific side effects have been found so far.

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“If this is confirmed, this is very good news.” Reacted Jane Chakla, a professor of infectious diseases at McMaster University on Twitter, recalled that detailed scientific data had not yet been released by Merkel. “If these figures are confirmed, it could be a game changer for the Govt epidemic,” he said. Commented Bokuma Kapisen Titanji, Infectious Disease and HIV Researcher.

It should be remembered that such treatments should not be considered as an alternative to particular vaccines. First, because efficiency is so low and the cost must be high (hundreds of dollars, many researchers note.

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