June 13, 2024

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The incidence rate is declining, but vaccination is accelerating

Event Rate, Vaccine and Delta Variation: A Triangle Closely Expressed by the Government Before the Summer Vacation of the French. If the incidence of the virus causing the Govt-19 infection continues to decrease, the number of appointments to be vaccinated “Began to rise again”, June 30 The government announced on Wednesday.

“In a few days, it appears that the nationally occurring rate will no longer be low.”, Government spokesman Gabriel Attal warned when leaving the cabinet. The incidence rate of the virus, i.e. the number of cases per 100,000 population, has been established “The lowest level on average in France is 18.5” And “We have to go to August 2020 to find an event at this level.”However, he promised.

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“Low volume and number of contaminants, low fall, but there is one area that worries us, which is the expectation of delta variation”, The spokesman explained. “This delta variant is 60% more contagious than the British variant, which was twice as contagious as the initial strain.”, He worried. As the whole country was released from prison restrictions last Wednesday, Lands Department, Metropolitan France is most affected by delta diversity, Extended them a week, Before the arrival of vacationers on its beaches.

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Appointment for first injection for promotion

However, Gabriel Attle announced that the number of daily vaccinations will be maintained “At the highest level, after a short period of sluggishness, the number of appointments for the first injections began to rise again, between 10% and 20%.”. “This summer, thanks to the vaccine, we can get a start on the delta variant. Each vaccine is a protection against the fourth wave, and each vaccine is a stepping stone back to a previous life. ”, The spokesman who added it insisted “Awareness is complete”.

Despite efforts, scientists warn of the almost inevitable fourth wave and the need to regain momentum for the vaccine campaign. “I hope we have a fourth wave, but it’s more subtle than the first three, because the vaccine size is not the same.”, Jean-Franசois Del Friesy, President of the Scientific Council, explained on Wednesday at France Inter’s microphone.

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Arnold Fontaine, an epidemiologist at the Institute Pastor and a member of the Science Council, told PFM-TV on Wednesday that an increase in the number of cases is expected at the beginning of the school year. “September-October”, Because of the delta variation “More contagious”. “This delta variant, in two months, will replace the viruses that are currently in French territory, excluding the South African variant. (…). That will be the main thing. “, He estimated.

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“We are done when 100% of the people are vaccinated or contaminated (…). It will probably be the richest European country by 2022. ”, Underlined Jean-Franசois Delphries. In his view, numbers “Very low” New contaminants currently registered in France, “In some ways, false promises”. “We need to remember what happened in the summer of last year. We were at comparable figures at the end of June 2020. We saw the second wave coming in September. On top of that comes this delta variation, which has a significantly higher level of transmission.”, He explained: “We have to be realistic and vigilant.”

Although 33,690,499 people received at least one first injection, France surpassed 50% of the total population on Tuesday. One-third of the population, or 22,265,100, is now fully vaccinated.

Le Mont with AFP and Reuters