The new Google Earth feature shows the shocking effects of climate change

A new video feature on Google Earth shows climate change worth nearly four decades with a time-consuming tool that uses satellite imagery.

Timeline shows how catastrophic climate change has affected the earth since 1984.

The New feature, timelapse, Launched on Thursday and is the most significant update of the tool in the last five years, according to Google.

Users can go through the tool to see how urban expansion, deforestation, natural disasters and many more have affected the earth over the past 36 years.

Google says the instrument is a complex project that has captured more than 15 million satellite images since 1984 with the help of NASA, the U.S. Geological Survey and the European Union.

“Timelapse is a global, zoom-in video that shows how our planet has changed since 1984. Available for the first time on Google Earth, users can now explore images in the 3D world and give a new perspective to planetary transformation,” says Google.

Google says it has partnered with Carnegie Mellon University Creat Lab to put global change in the environment to show the impact of man on the planet’s forests, waterways and “how beautiful the subtle ecosystem of our world is”.

Google says it plans to update the time-reducing images at least once every year.

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