May 27, 2024

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The new world "bugs, bots and balance" update promises to reduce friction between players and improve movement

The new world “bugs, bots and balance” update promises to reduce friction between players and improve movement

Amazon’s MMO New World is still doing its best to recover from it Its somewhat turbulent release, with the development team persistently to fix bugs and put out fires. The game’s February 2022 update has been referred to internally as the “Bugs, Bots, and Balance” update, according to the hour-long development update and Blog post.

Highlights that fans can look forward to including the many bug fixes – up to over 700 according to QA lead Greg Jones – and developers who are touring the game in person as part of “bot bashOne of the biggest issues apparently addressed this month is the issue of ‘player friction’, which Creative Director David Verfaelly and Game Director Scott Lane acknowledged is a problem. Solutions they plan to offer include reducing the cost of express travel and redemption time in smaller hotels. As Dave Hall, Player Experience Leader, said: “You’ll be able to move around the world really freely, that’d be cool.”

Another focus of the update was improvements to player movement, which many players described as “useless”. The developers tweaked the jump mechanics a bit and eliminated lags in melee attacks that they hope will improve the feel of the fight and the movement.

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