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The Polish Parliament elects Donald Tusk as Prime Minister – DW – 11/12/2023

The Polish Parliament elects Donald Tusk as Prime Minister – DW – 11/12/2023

PolandThe new parliament elected Center Party leader Donald Tusk as prime minister on Monday. Tusk becomes prime minister about two months after the national elections, which were won by a coalition of parties ranging from the left to the moderate conservatives.

Alliance of pro-European Union parties I signed an agreement Last month, paving the way for the formation of a coalition government.

Earlier on Monday, Parliament rejected the proposal The conservative government is headed by Acting Prime Minister Mateusz MorawieckiIt is a widely expected result and paved the way for the rival coalition to form the next government.

Only 190 deputies voted in favor of Morawiecki’s government, while 266 deputies voted against it, and no member abstained from voting.

Morawiecki’s Law and Justice Party lost its majority but retained its position as the largest single party In the October elections.

Morawiecki’s failure opens the door to former Polish Prime Minister and former European Council President Donald Tusk.

Tusk led a broad opposition coalition supporting the European Union In an attempt to oust the Law and Justice Party after two terms in power.

Donald Tusk’s pro-EU coalition is set to take power in Poland

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Why was Morawiecki nominated if PiS lost its majority?

The decision on who to nominate in the first attempt to form a government after the election falls to Poland’s president, Andrzej Duda, a former PiS ally.

Duda nominated Morawiecki and the Law and Justice PartyAlthough they did not obtain a majority, indicating that it is usual to give this opportunity to the largest party.

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Morawiecki’s interim government was technically sworn in, but under Polish rules it had to win a vote of confidence within two weeks to consolidate its position.

President Duda (left) had assigned Morawiecki (right) to form a new government after the October votePhoto: Tsar Sokolovsky/DPA/Alliance Image

What might change under a Tusk-led government?

Tusk, Polish prime minister from 2007 to 2014 and then president of the European Council from 2014 to 2019, returns to the front lines of Polish politics as leader of his centrist pro-European Civic coalition in 2021.

PiS has had a fraught relationship with the European Union since 2015, and has often been in conflict with Brussels.

Tusk has They pledged to rebuild relations As Brussels returns to power in Warsaw, it aims to secure the release of EU funds that have been frozen amid the ongoing standoff over the rule of law in Poland.

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