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The Starfield player hilariously interrupts Brogan’s submission with a well-timed grenade

The Starfield player hilariously interrupts Brogan’s submission with a well-timed grenade

published: 2023-09-03T10:07:32

updated: 2023-09-03T10:07:47

A Starfield player manages to interrupt Brogan’s speech with a well-placed grenade, hilariously cutting Brogan’s communication.

Starfield, the latest space RPG developed by Bethesda, was officially released on September 5, but Early Access players were already enjoying some unique interactions.

During the Starfield tutorial, you’ll encounter Crimson Fleet Captain Brogan, whom you can either kill or try to talk to.

But one of the players wouldn’t even let Brogan speak for two seconds before the grenade exploded and the fight began.

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There is no respect for Starfield’s Brogan tutorial

A clip appeared on Twitter of a user showing his snap conversation with Brogan. AaronBaileyArt called the encounter “literally the funniest thing” in the game to date.

The video shows the pirate Brogan waiting for the player as he exits a doorway. AaronBaileyArt immediately threw a grenade at the sight of the three red-suited space pirates.

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But when the grenade rises above Brogan’s head, the scene begins. The gameplay zooms in on Brogan’s face when he starts to speak. Though all Brogan managed to get out was “You gotta be kidding” before the grenade exploded behind him.

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Starfield immediately begins shooting at Brogan, who is visibly shocked and angry at his interruption.

Although the game’s release led to many hilarious moments like this one, several controversial review scores left gamers wondering if Starfield really was the stuff of game of the year.

Starfield is arguably the biggest gaming release of 2023. Stay tuned with Dexerto for more hilarious interactions like this as they happen.