May 18, 2024

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The United States announced a vote Friday on a resolution calling for an “immediate” ceasefire in Gaza

The United States announced a vote Friday on a resolution calling for an “immediate” ceasefire in Gaza

The US Secretary of State announced that the US has submitted a draft resolution to UN Security Council members. “Immediate ceasefire linked to release of hostages” In the Gaza Strip. “We are very confident that countries will support”said Anthony Blinken In an interview with Saudi media. A spokesman for the US ambassador to the UN said the vote would take place on Friday. On several occasions in recent months, Washington vetoed resolutions calling for an immediate ceasefire between the two sides. Follow our live stream.

France is preparing a draft resolution for an armistice. If the US resolution fails at the UN, France is preparing its own resolution, and St├ęphane Sejournay stands ready to defend it. The foreign minister plans to visit Egypt this weekend to plead for a French solution, according to franceinfo, a top diplomatic source.

27 of the EU called for an “immediate humanitarian moratorium”. The leaders of the 27 countries of the European Union called for a meeting at a summit in Brussels. “Immediate Humanitarian Suspension” In Gaza. “The Council of Europe calls for an immediate humanitarian pause leading to a lasting ceasefire, (calls for) the unconditional release of all hostages and the provision of humanitarian aid”, according to this text. In a joint statement, they urged Israel not to launch a ground operation in Rafah.

A meeting between the heads of the Mossad and the CIA. The head of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad will travel to Doha, Qatar, on Friday to meet with the head of the CIA as part of talks on a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli prime minister's office announced Thursday. He will also meet the Qatari prime minister and the head of Egyptian intelligence, among other mediators in the ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas. A deal to release hostages in Gaza in exchange for Palestinian prisoners held by Israel is also being negotiated.

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Israel claims to have killed more than 140 terrorists in al-Sifa hospital. In a statement, the Israeli military said it had been killed on Thursday More than 140 terrorists in hospital area Al-Sifa, in Gaza City, launched an operation on Monday.