May 18, 2024

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Australia assures AUKUS submarine program “will work”.

Australia assures AUKUS submarine program “will work”.

In 2021, Canberra broke a €55 billion deal to buy 12 regularly-operated submarines from Naval Group without warning, sparking a major diplomatic crisis with Paris.

Australia insisted this Friday March 22 that the historic agreement with London and Washington to build AUKUS nuclear submarines “will go into effect despite growing fears about costs, capabilities and the possible return of Donald Trump”.

“The three governments involved are working at speed to achieve this,” Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles told reporters on Friday.

“It will happen, it must happen,” he added. Under the emerging AUKUS security alliance, the three long-time allies have pledged to jointly strengthen their military might to contain Chinese military expansion in the Asia-Pacific region.

“We live in very dangerous times”

Defense officials this week unveiled ambitious plans to supply Australia with nuclear-powered submarines, one of the key pillars of the deal.

After two years in existence, there are already signs that AUKUS and its core program may be under threat. Some fear that Donald Trump will abandon the deal if he wins the November presidential election and returns to his “America First” foreign policy.

Faced with the emergence of hot spots around the world and China's increasingly aggressive approach in the Taiwan Strait, British Defense Minister Grant Shabbs, visiting Australia, insisted on Friday that AUKUS should be made more prominent.

After decades of peace, Grand Shops observed that the planet was slowly transitioning from a “post-war” to a “pre-war” era.

“We live in very dangerous times,” he said during a visit to the Osborne shipyard in South Australia. Australia announced Thursday that it will enter into a partnership with Britain's BAE Systems to build nuclear-powered submarines.

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