March 4, 2024

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Tommy DeVito mends ties with a pizzeria owner and hires a new marketing representative

Tommy DeVito mends ties with a pizzeria owner and hires a new marketing representative

Tommy DeVito was not Content to be a jerk.

The Giants quarterback has mended fences with Coniglio’s Old Fashioned of Morristown, New Jersey, after agent Sean Stellato Apparently she backed out of the deal To appear at Tuesday’s event for $10,000. Stellato allegedly doubled the price after the Giants’ win over the Packers last Monday night.

Via Ryan Dunleavy of New York PostDeVito I showed up at the pizzeria on Tuesdaywithout the presence of stellato.

“It was really important to me,” DeVito said. mail. “There was a lot going on at the time — and a lot of people were doing different things as part of my team. Some things slipped through the cracks, and as soon as I found out about them — and that was Monday, when I hit my phone — that’s when I said, ‘We need to go. There, and meet [Nino Coniglio] Face to face, get things right, eat great pizza and have a good time.”

Paul Schwartz New York Post Separate reports that DeVito I hired a marketing agentrelieving Stellato of this specific aspect of his duties on behalf of the player.

DeVito retained Maxx Lepselter to handle off-field endorsement deals. Stellato will continue to handle DeVito’s football contract.

“I really believe that if Tommy continues to guard the football and play well for the Giants and he can continue to build on what he’s doing and continue to progress down the field, he’ll have the opportunity to be a mainstay, whether he’s a backup or QB1,” Lebselter said, via Schwartz.

Wherever things go for DeVito, it was smart for him to follow through on the promise Stellato made. It also seems smart for DeVito to have a designated marketing expert for these matters, with Stellato focusing solely on DeVito’s football deals.

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