February 27, 2024

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Two civilians were killed in a Ukrainian attack on a village in the Kherson region

Two civilians were killed in a Ukrainian attack on a village in the Kherson region

In Russia, his jailed opponent has disappeared from his prison, leaving his supporters worried

Alexey Korinov, a former Moscow municipal deputy sentenced to seven years in prison for condemning the attack in Ukraine, has disappeared from his prison, his supporters said Friday, as they worry about his deteriorating health: “Alexei Korino’s lawyers have been trying all week to get some information about his health and whereabouts. We can say that Alexey is not in the penal colonyoh Pokrovin 2 ยปThey said.

“We assume and believe that Alexey Korinov was transferred to the hospital because he needs to be treated in the hospital”, continued the group in a message on Telegram. Alexey Korinov, 62, was serving his sentence in Pokro, in the Vladimir region, about 200 kilometers east of Moscow.

On December 8, according to his supporters, one of his lawyers was able to visit him and indicated that he was in a home. “Very poor health”. He doesn’t even have the strength for that “Stand on a chair and talk”. His support group points out that he was suffering from bronchitis at the time “Difficulty breathing” Although he has had chronic lung problems since part of his lung was removed during surgery in 2016, he has been without medication and care.

In July 2022, Alexei Korinov became the first enemy to be convicted of “spreading false information” about the Russian military, under a new law enacted just weeks earlier to punish critics of the conflict. Since then, hundreds of people, recognized activists or anonymous, have been jailed for the same reason. Prominent figures of the Russian opposition are in prison or in exile abroad.

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