March 30, 2023

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Unemployment Benefit: Heading for April 1st Increase? The government has sent the draft order to the unions

According to information from Le Figaro, unemployment benefits may increase from April 1. An exceptional increase will be included in the annual revaluation on July 1.

Job seekers can expect good news on April 1. According to Le FigaroThe government has sent a draft mandate to the social partners.

It proposes the agency “reevaluate unemployment insurance benefits on April 1, except in 2023.”

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Multiple tracks are provided

We do not yet know the extent of this revaluation and the method chosen to implement it.

Schematically, the government presents two tracks in particular: the revaluation of the daily reference wage (SJR) usually serves as the basis for calculating payments, or “fixed amounts used in the calculation”, refer to our colleagues.

The latter see this potential social action as an opportunity to move forward after its highly contested unemployment insurance reform and the still difficult current row around pension reform.

But this outstretched hand is not sure enough to sway the unions. “There is no ‘reset’ button to move forward”, although the CFDT’s general secretary Laurent Berger warned recently, pointing out that his union does not work “by ranks”, as Le Figaro recalls.

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