June 23, 2024

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Vladimir Putin openly shows the threat of a major war

After his stunt – the recognition of the separatist republics of Donbass and the burial of the diplomatic process in Ukraine – is the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, going to temporarily release the pressure? Europeans seize even the outstretched hand, their first obstacles, seeming limited at present?

The response came from a brief upgraded press conference on Tuesday, February 22, from which the Kremlin leader chose to increase the apparent threat of war on the contrary.

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Vladimir Putin first clarified one important point: the borders on which Moscow recognizes the two separatist organizations. According to him, these boundaries are engraved “Constitutions” The two self-proclaimed republics, namely Donetsk and Luhansk, are the whole of the administrative regions (Oblast), that is, three times the territory they currently hold. Occupying these areas and expanding the frontier to several hundred kilometers would involve a massive offensive.

One option is for the Duma, the Russian Foreign Ministry or the lower house of the Russian parliament, to push the boundaries. “Is” Of the two republics. However, it should be the subject of the right path. Putin promises “Negotiations” Between Kiev and the separatists, it is now openly supported by the Russian military, which was stationed on their soil on Tuesday. Moscow has also signed agreements with Donetsk and Luhansk “Friendship and Support”The Federal Council on Tuesday voted to allow the military to remain in place “Abroad”.

New questions

Clearly, after losing the pressure lever on the Ukrainian side (Minsk agreements, Dead and buried, by the Russian president’s own consent), Vladimir Putin creates a new one: the promise of negotiations to avoid war. This offer was certainly not said that way, but it seems to have been addressed to the West as well.

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In another equally blatant expansion, the Russian president demanded that Ukraine abandon its ambition to join NATO, but accept neutrality and militarize – new demands and unacceptable opportunities for Kiev.

During his lengthy speech to the nation, Vladimir Putin returned to the tone adopted the day before: “Why should good people stand unarmed? I believe the good must defend itself. This is the basis on which we are going to act. ⁇ On Tuesday evening, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced its departure. “In the very future”Its embassy staff working in Ukraine.