June 23, 2024

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Germany suspends Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline


After Moscow recognized the independence of pro-Russian Ukrainian provinces, German Chancellor Olaf Scholes announced that he would suspend accreditation for the controversial gas pipeline connecting Russia with Germany. One of the first hurdles after Vladimir Putin’s speech on Monday evening.

Completed in the fall, but not yet operational, so the project has been disabled. On Tuesday, February 22, Olaf Scholes announced that he would suspend the accreditation of Nord Stream 2, the gas pipeline that connects Germany with Russia. Via A pipeline of more than a thousand kilometers under the Baltic Sea, crossing Ukraine, would increase the capacity of Russia to supply gas to Europe.

“I have asked the Ministry of Economy to withdraw the report on the safety of the energy supply from the regulatory authority so that the gas pipeline cannot be certified. Without this, Nord Stream 2 could not operate. “The German Chancellor announced that the file was going to be” Reviewed By the German government. Due to legal issues due to non-compliance with certain rules of German and European law, it is still waiting for the certification of the energy regulator in Germany.

Critical position

Germany has long been criticized for its support for the North Stream 2 gas pipeline, he recalled. Our correspondent in Berlin, Pascal Thibault. Angela Merkel has always defined it as a private project with no political background. Olaf Scholz took up this dissertation at the beginning of his edict before correcting himself. After all, there are a lot of criticisms against Berlin in the current crisis. German officials have been criticized for not making it clear that Russian intervention against Ukraine will have repercussions for the gas pipeline. Most Germans have recently wanted a sequel to the project. Officials from the SPD, the president’s party, are defending a more consistent policy towards Moscow.

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Olaf Scholes, the recipient of his Ireland, described Vladimir Putin’s decision to recognize the independence of pro-Russian separatist territories in eastern Ukraine as international law, UN policies and other treaties respecting the borders signed by Moscow. And regional integration of states.

The White House welcomes the suspension

The German president made it clear that the EU’s sanctions against Moscow. Massive and strong Will be submitted this Tuesday. Above all, Angela Merkel’s successor called for diplomatic efforts between the West and Russia. Avoid disaster “.

White House welcomes Germany’s suspension of approval for North Stream 2 gas pipeline: The President made it clear that if Russia invades Ukraine, we will work with Germany to ensure that North Stream 2 is not activated. We have been in close consultation with Germany overnight and welcome their announcement. Today we will take our own action Joe Biden’s spokeswoman Jen Zaki said on Twitter.