May 18, 2024

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A Spanish tugboat sank off the coast of Canada due to an engine failure

The owner of the ship said on Monday, February 21, a national day of mourning in Spain, that the Spanish tugboat that sank off Canada last Tuesday sank due to an engine malfunction.

According to information sent to the Captain Company, during a maneuver to change course, the main engine abruptly stopped, leaving the boat without propulsion or rudder, exposing it to wind and waves and causing an accident. The sea sank very quickly“, Norse, a Spanish company, explained the shipowner”Pitonso Villa“.

These are the first official explanations for the death of 9 people and the disappearance of 12 people in the Atlantic last Tuesday when the 50-meter tug sank 450 km off the east coast of Canada. Only three sailors (two Spaniards and one Ghana) were able to recover. The three survivors departed from Saint-Jean de Terre-Neuve, a Canadian airport scheduled to arrive in Saint-Jacques Airport on Monday to Tuesday night, at 7pm (GMT 6:00 pm GMT). -Compostel, in the northwest of the country. With them, the five bodies found are transported on the same Spanish Air Force plane.

National mourning has been observed in Spain for the worst tragedy in Spanish fishing in the last 40 years. Relatives of 12 sailors who went missing and are believed to have sunk have demanded the resumption of search operations suspended last Wednesday due to fog and sea rage. Spanish diplomat Jose Manuel Albarez has asked Canadian envoy Melanie Jolie to resume the search when the weather is calm.

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