June 24, 2024

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Volcanic eruption in La Palma – A new part of the cone collapses

The situation on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands (Spain) is deteriorating. Nearly three weeks ago the Gumbre Viza volcano erupted.

20 days ago They are the volcanic Gumbre Viza Exploded. 20 days on fire Palm In between lives a real hell The volcano flows, Volcanic bombs, EarthquakeBuildings and gardens were destroyed. Worst of all, it doesn’t seem to end.

In fact, this Saturday, October 9, comes with important new information Canaries. A new part of the cone would have collapsed, According to various Spanish media. As a result, a new volcanic eruption spread north of the abyss. A template “Creates great destruction in its rise” Cited, according to the Canary Islands Volcano Agency (INVOLCAN) The world. Who has also published the most impressive pictures of the volcanic eruption.

The new volcanic eruption is wreaking havoc on its grandmother, and hindering the movement of our teams on the ground pic.twitter.com/tjpzLb63Or

– INVOLCAN (involcan) October 9, 2021

The delta threatens to collapse

Gumbre Vija volcano erupts Thus worrying. Experts’ predictions in particular are not good. Especially with regard to The progress of lava in the sea. In fact, the original volcanic eruption progressed 30 hectares in the Atlantic Ocean. Because this flow is always fed, “Landslide may occur before delta”, Quoted by Maria Jose Blanco of the National Institute of Geography (IGN) As. With everyone “Sudden release of gas, hydromagnetic explosions and waves”.