February 27, 2024

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Chinese President Xi Jinping has promised a peaceful ‘unity’ with Taiwan

One of the few events that unites China and Taiwan is the commemoration of the revolution. Chinese President Xi Jinping made the pledge on Saturday, October 9th “Reunification” Inevitably by Taiwan “Quiet”, When reported in recent days on the island Number of military air infiltrations from Beijing.

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The Beijing strongman spoke at 110 memoirse Anniversary of the 1911 revolution that toppled the last Chinese dynasty. The event, marked Saturday in Communist China, will be celebrated the next day in Taiwan Sun Yat-sen, The first and short-lived Chinese president, was the father of the country.

The island of Taiwan, which enjoys a democratic system, has been ruled by its own power since the Communists’ conquest of the continent in 1949. China, which considers the territory to be one of its provinces, threatens to seize it by force during the formal declaration of independence on the island.

“Completely internal affair in China”

Despite political and historical rivalries, both Beijing and Taipei derive their legitimacy from the 1911 revolution. At the Great People’s Palace in Beijing, with a portrait of Sun Yat-sen, Xi Jinping said:

“Achieving the unification of the motherland in peaceful ways is in the public interest of China, including Taiwan’s comrades … who can reunite and achieve our country.”

A portrait of Sun Yat-sen hangs from a meeting commemorating the 1911 revolution on October 9, 2021 at the People's Assembly Palace in Beijing, China.

“The Taiwan question is purely a domestic Chinese affair”, He scored, acknowledging that Washington had wisely trained the Taiwanese military for several months on Friday. “Strong determination should not be underestimated by anyone (…) Chinese people to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity ”, M. To warn c.

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Ruler of the island, Sai Ing-wen, For the freedom of the communists, to deliver a speech on Sunday at this event. “Those who betray the homeland and divide the country never end well”, Xi Jinping began in the direction of the Taiwan separatists.

Celebrations of the events of 1911 have come amid tensions in the Taiwan Strait, in recent days following the massive incursion of Chinese military aircraft into the island’s air defense identification zone.

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