February 28, 2024

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War in Ukraine: No ceasefire for Orthodox Christmas, drone shot down in Crimea

War in Ukraine: No ceasefire for Orthodox Christmas, drone shot down in Crimea

A ceasefire over the holiday, favored by Vladimir Putin, is considered “hypocritical” by Ukraine.

The Russian-founded governor of the Crimean port of Sevastopol, which serves as a base for the Russian navy, announced that a drone was shot down by air defenses in the early hours of this Saturday, January 7, Orthodox Christmas Day. “Even holy Christmas is not a reason to stop these inhuman people from attacking our heroic city”, wrote Mikhail Rasvosev in his Telegram messenger. There was no immediate comment from the Ukrainian side.

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War in Ukraine: Putin’s ceasefire comes into effect for Orthodox Christmas

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War in Ukraine: Putin orders ceasefire for Orthodox Christmas, calls Ukrainians ‘hypocrisy’

Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, and Kyiv says it is committed to retaking the Black Sea peninsula and part of eastern Ukraine, areas occupied by Russian forces since February 24, 2022. One is Crimea, which is considered by Russia as its sovereign territory. The launch sites were attacked in what Moscow called a “special military operation”, and on several occasions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered to call for a ceasefire on the occasion of Orthodox Christmas. The Ukrainians rejected the idea, which according to them was only aimed at buying time for the Russian forces to rest and equip themselves.

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