June 13, 2024

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What do we know about the famine that will destroy the Big Island?

Half a million. This is the number of children under the age of 5 who are suffering from malnutrition in Madagascar, especially in the south of the country, warn the World Food Program (WFP) and UNICEF Joint news release (In English) Released Monday, July 26th. Francinefo looks back on what we learned about this humanitarian catastrophe affecting the Big Island.

Dangerous weather condition

The main reason for the famine and food problems affecting Madagascar is linked to local climatic conditions. Lack of rain for four years has made agriculture almost impossible. In addition, sandstorms have turned large areas of exploitable land into barren lands. According to the UN, these disasters linked to global warming are causing the worst drought in 40 years. Amnesty International.

“Three consecutive years of drought have severely damaged harvests and access to food, today marked by the Govt-19 epidemic.”, Also underlines the company Doctors without borders, Which operates in the country.



“Severe drop in production of about 40 to 60% compared to the average of the last five years” Affected the island’s main crops such as rice, corn or cassava, recalling April 30 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The prices of these products have also been high since 2020, citing the same source.

The UN estimates the demand for the next lean season, beginning in October, at 67 67 million. Many voluntary charities To distribute, The government has been supporting hundreds of tons of food and nutrition for months, but that is not enough.

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More than a million Malagasy have been affected

According to UN figures, more than 1.14 million Malagasy people are suffering from hunger. The number of children affected continues to rise. The PAM and UNICEF sounded the alarm on Monday:Children undergoing severe malnutrition will be four times more likely than previously estimated in October 2020 “Irrevocable for their growth and development”.

More serious, 14,000 Malagasy peaks (5 levels), Phase “Disaster, when people have nothing to eat”, Explains WFP President Moumini Ovetrogo On the island. That number could double by October, warns the Humanitarian Organization for the Fighting Hunger in the World.

“What is happening in the south of Madagascar is fascinating. We can not back down from these children.”, Called Moumini Ovetroko “Doubling Attempts” Raise the necessary funds. Severely malnourished worldwide, the worst affected area around Umbombe-Android, which accounts for 27% of the population “Risk of famine if emergency measures are not taken”, Underlining the WFP in its press release. However, the number of victims could not be measured and authorities have not been contacted in this regard.

Children were forced to eat skin

When begging and food waste are no longer sufficient, many residents are reduced to feeding on leather scraps donated by shoe makers. To soften it, the skin is boiled or simply roasted with a little salt, as evidenced by this report by France 2, which aired on June 29, showing the extent of the suffering of these children.

Madagascar: Famine caused by global warming


Inappropriately, this temporary food often makes those who eat it sick, sometimes preventing its young consumers from going to school, according to Amnesty International. Overall, the charity estimates that by 2020 these will be “Approximately 27,100 children suffering from severe malnutrition” Who needs medical help.

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Lack of infrastructure

This year is particularly intense, and the famine in Madagascar is nothing new. The Big Island has known at least 16 food crises since 1896. Beyond the climatic conditions that make agriculture difficult, the isolation of many villages in the south of the country also exacerbates the situation. Some hamlets “A day of walking” From a nearby health center, especially reprimanding World Physicians. A great project “141 big projects” Provided byHe includes Republican President Andrei Rajolina, especially those working in the agricultural sector and access to water.

He announced Twitter On July 21, four agreements were signed with the World Bank. Of the funds allocated to the island, nearly 0 170 million has been dedicated to road infrastructure development to evacuate villages. Initially, people could access international aid very easily.