May 18, 2024

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When trying to measure a 15-year-old penis, the USB cable got stuck in the urethra

The London teenager had an unfortunate test that ended in surgery. Wanting to measure his penis, he stuck the USB cable in his urethra.

A 15-year-old London boy was in a difficult situation when he tried to measure his penis using a USB cable, but it got stuck in his urethra.

The surgery he had to perform was extraordinary, as found in Volume 39 of this young man’s case “Kidney Case Reports”, Will be released in November 2021.

“A 15-year-old patient was transferred from his local hospital to our ward Following a self-insertion of a cable tied with a USB cable into his urethra as part of a sexual experiment“, Start Then the article, Which describes the environment before moving on to the technical aspect of the process.

“Sexual interest”

Faced with the young man’s inability to remove this foreign body, the cable was tied and both ends of it protruded from his penis, forcing him to be taken to hospital.

A pelvic x-ray showing a cable knot in the area near the penile urethra.
Catch Kidney Case Reports – Period Grant

“Following his request to be examined without his mother, He admitted inserting a cable into his urethra to measure the length of his sexually aroused penis.“, Following this article, refers to the science article that states that the young man was transferred to the operating room.

Unfortunately after staying in the hospital, the patient came out the next day in good health for surgery, which required an incision to remove the cable.

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