May 27, 2024

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Jean-Yves Le Trian denounces in France 2 that there is “really a serious crisis” between France, Australia and the United States

A result “Index”. Guest in France at 8pm on Saturday, September 18, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian considered France a way out of its ambassadors to the United States and Australia. “To show that our former partner countries really have a very strong dissatisfaction, there really is a serious crisis between us.”. The decision, made on Friday after breaking the mega deal for French submarines signed with Australia in 2016, is truly unprecedented for the two historically friendly nations. France loses over 56 billion euros.

US President Joe Biden announced a new Indo-Pacific alliance on Wednesday. It is a military security alliance between the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. It aims to deepen cooperation between the three countries in cyber security, artificial intelligence and quantum technologies. This includes the supply of US nuclear-powered submarines to Australia, in addition to French submarines.

“There was a lie, there was duplicity, there was a great breach of trust, there was contempt, so this is not right between us, it is not right, that is, there is a crisis.”, Beat the head of French diplomacy. “We recall our ambassadors to try to understand (…) so it is a way for us to reconsider our position to protect our interests in Australia and the United States.”, He added. On the other hand, the recall of the French ambassador to London was considered unnecessary: “We know their perpetual opportunism.”He was stunned a few months after Brexit.

How come France knows nothing about this new alliance? Confirming that Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden have not yet exchanged information at this time, he and his comrade Anthony Blinken assured Jean-Yves Le Drian that the authorities knew nothing about these talks. “One hour” Before announcements. “The draft agreement between the United States and Australia was launched in a very small group. I don’t even know that all the Australian and US ministers are aware of this.”, He insisted.

“We can not play with alliances like that. We have not acted so brutally and unpredictably as France’s key partner.”

Jean-Yves Le Trian, Minister of Foreign Affairs

In France 2

The Secretary of State did not say a word to the new White House tenant, comparing him to his predecessor, Donald Trump. “Without Tweets”. Joe Biden does “Rather unbearable sacred announcements” And “US reconsiders its fundamental interests”. “They are ready to relinquish many of the obligations they had globally. There is a real connection between Afghanistan and the agreement with Australia.”Jean-Yves Le Trian analyzed the rapid withdrawal of US troops, which resulted in the Taliban regaining power in the country.

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“There is reason to wonder about the strength of the alliance with the United States. In a real alliance, we talk to each other and respect each other. It’s not like that “, The foreign minister regretted it again. Jean-Yves Le Trian Has also ruled that “What happened now” Weighs the definition of NATO’s new strategic vision, however, without leaving the Atlantic Alliance.