May 24, 2024

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With almost 50 C, the “complete records” of temperature are broken

Hot days Morocco. The kingdom recorded “absolute records” of temperature during an “exceptional” heat wave this weekend, with mercury approaching 50 degrees and monthly normals hovering above 5 to 12 degrees, officials said Monday. Meteorological study.

The Directorate General of Meteorology (DGM) said in a statement on Saturday that “the hottest day with exceptional temperatures has never measured all the months combined in a few months”, noting that “complete records of maximum temperatures have been broken”.

49.6 C in the northwest.

On this irritating day, the thermometer showed 49.6 C in CD Sliman (northwest), the highest temperature in the kingdom this weekend. “Temperatures are rising significantly due to an increase in dry and hot winds from the south,” the DGM explained, predicting temperatures will drop in the coming days in the north. .

2020 is already the hottest year on record in Morocco, with a national average of +1.4 + C, compared to the climatic conditions of 1981-2010, according to an earlier report by the Meteorological Department. In many countries, such as Spain, this unprecedented heat wave occurs, Canada or the United States Facing rising temperatures to extreme levels.

Record hottest 2010-2019 decade

Heatwaves are a clear indicator Global warming These heat waves multiply, lengthen and intensify even more.

So far, human activity has caused global temperatures to rise by more than 1 C compared to pre-industrial times, resulting in more devastating storms, more intense heat waves, droughts and wildfires.
The 2010-2019 decade was the hottest record Five warmest years on record in the last five years.