February 27, 2024

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According to Macron, the deadliest fire and submergence in Iraq are on the rise

Have you missed the message since the early hours of the morning? We have created a restoration to help you see more clearly.

Addressing the French on Monday evening, Emmanuel Macron Was particularly committed to vaccination. After two months of progressive renovations and a return to the terraces,
The economy was very dark A week. To the question, The
Variation Delta This will thwart the government’s plans. The President therefore ruled: Vaccination will be mandatory for caregivers, hospital staff and volunteers caring for vulnerable people. The health pass will be extended to bars, restaurants, transport and hospitals from August. Minutes after this announcement,
On September 15, the health minister clarified that caregivers who had not been vaccinated could no longer work. During his speech, Emmanuel Macron did not just talk about Govt-19. He also turned to issues such as unemployment insurance or pension reform. 20 minutes Takes the role of head of state’s major announcements.

ResultsFire It destroyed the Kovit-19 unit of a hospital in southern Nasiriyah Iraq, Very heavy and currently temporary. At least 52 patients were killed in Monday’s disaster two and a half months after a similar tragedy killed more than 80 people at a Baghdad hospital. A state of emergency has been declared in the province of The Car, which is based in Nazareth. Heidar al-Jamili, a spokesman for the local health authority, said 22 people had been injured in the blaze. Govit-19 The hospital had 70 beds.

The French need to double their awareness when it comes to swimming this summer. Needless to say there are reasons to worry. More than 300 Submersion The Public Health Service (SPF) said on Tuesday that there had been an accident from June 1 to July 5, including 79 fatalities. The 2021 Submersion Survey indicates that these figures represent a 22% increase in accidental submergence and a 58% increase in deaths compared to a survey conducted in the same period in 2018. These bad data can be linked to “bad fears about physical abilities” especially at the end of subsequent imprisonment.

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