June 3, 2023

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According to General Legoinder, “there is a continuing deterioration of the world order.”

The Commander-in-Chief of the Army, General Franசois Legointre, is scheduled to review troops with President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday, July 14. This is his last march before stepping down after four years as army chief. He will be bid farewell to General Theory Burkert on July 21 after him. For his last interview before leaving, he describes the restructuring plan for Operation “Barcane” in Sahel in particular.

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On July 9, the head of state announced the reshuffle of Operation Barcane and the withdrawal of troops. In general, less, we do less. On the ground, however, it can be seen that the Saheli forces are now in high demand. How to solve this equation?

To solve this equation, we need to make sure that France is alone in doing the same thing, otherwise. First, there is the option of replacing a French maneuver with a European power and, if possible, with other African partners. This is the subject of the Takuba Task Force, whose aim is to engage in war with the Malian army.

Its aim was to withdraw French troops in direct contact with the enemy while maintaining intelligence and support. The air, with armed drones and warplanes, is guided by ground partner forces. Succeeding in preventing the establishment of a regional caliphate in the three border areas is another challenge. [à cheval entre Niger, Burkina Faso et Mali], To counter the proliferation of armed jihadi groups, the South is in the process of establishing a second defense. This is done by strengthening cooperation and military cooperation with all states that are threatened in the short term, especially the Gulf states of Guinea.

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In this context, will the Special Forces be more involved?

Special forces are called in two ways. First, through the Takuba Task Force, which was essentially made up of European special forces. Support in war poses a high risk. This is the work we have already done in Afghanistan and we want to do it again. But since the Special Forces are not infinitely expandable battalions, sometimes these jobs have to be done by conventional forces. We are not there today, but we should look at what the British or Americans do with intermediate powers, for example with the Rangers.

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