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200 new cases and 10 deaths

Let us continue our efforts to prevent the cove. With the indicators down, Guadeloupe is on track. There are still 200 new cases and 10 deaths in hospitals, in the week from October 4 to 10, 2021. Sports activities may resume tomorrow.

The plans of the health and regional authorities are going well. The Govt-19 epidemic is still declining. According to the schedule announced three weeks ago, the definition may continue.
What should we remember from Govind Press Point on Wednesday, October 13th?
In the small room of the Palais de Orleans in Pass-Terre, the regional president, Alexandre Roczatte, was accompanied today by the Deputy Director General of the Regional Health Agency (ARS), Florel Framantis.

Health condition

Indicators of Govt-19 infection are global in Guadeloupe.

However, from October 4 to 10, 2021 (week 40), 200 new cases The area has been identified. Have been 10 additional deathsIn a hospital setting; The average age of the deceased was 70 years.
The Positive rate 2.4%, Below the threshold of awareness. The The incidence rate is 53.1 per 100,000 population ; It is approaching the alarm threshold.
A bunch Identified this week.

This favorable situation is also felt in the number of hospitals in the area. Last week 15 new Kovit patients were admitted to the hospital and 6 dangerous care combinations.
Twenty-six people are maintained in the intensive care unit, which includes 12 positive covit in 35 arm beds.

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With regard to vaccination, eligible (Over 12 years) Vaccinated until 41.54%, In Guadeloupe, Over 18 Reaches 44.4%.

10/13/2021 Newsletter – Govt Status Update Week 40

With regard to restrictions, there are no major changes in the future

Constitutional measures to control the epidemic will not change for the time being. The second phase of the restructuring will take effect on October 22, As previously announced.

However, two changes will take effect tomorrow.
First, Travel between Guadeloupe and Martinique will require a health pass. The move, jointly decided by the provinces of Guadeloupe and Martinique, was in a press release yesterday.
From this Thursday, sports training will be able to resume, including closed venues, with the health pass application, on a voluntary basis by sports federations.

10/13/2021 “Sports and Travel” News Release

Another subject addressed by Prefect Alexander Rochett: The Open letter of address he signed LKPWho cares? “Cancellation of rules allowing visitors with a complete immunization schedule to enter Guadeloupe territory without mandatory negative PCR testing and restricted isolationHere is his answer:

A reservoir of viruses, it does not exist in metropolitan France. The reservoir of the virus, which is here in Guadeloupe, is stable. So the vaccine protects against the virus, and it protects people (…).

I am a LKP. I read Yin’s letter and, it’s not a letter, it’s a shame … when someone talks to me about criminal activity … someone needs to know how to measure words. Criminal action is definitely not on my side (…).

Alexander Rochett, President of the Guadeloupe Region

Confirming that there is a very clear request today to strengthen the vaccine, Florel Framantis went in his direction. The studies are in favor of this option, to reduce the number of serious forms and hospitals, the Deputy Director General of ARS noted.

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See full press release of October 13, 2021 (re)