May 24, 2024

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According to experts, New Caledonia has been hit by a second wave

New Caledonia, saved until recently by the Govit-19 epidemic, with the Omigron variant “The second wave“Health officials of the French archipelago announced on Thursday, January 20, that new measures will be put in place. Bulletin of health officials reports.

New Caledonia (270,000 people), which has long been free of Govt-19 disease, was hit by a violent epidemic in early September, which put pressure on the regional hospital and forced the evacuation of about 300 staff from the Metropolitan Health Archive. “The virus has spread across the region and has been identified in clusters at companies, but also at holiday centers during the school holidays.Sylvie Lamond, a doctor in health and social affairs, said the highly contagious Omicron variant now accounts for 50% of cases analyzed in the region and officials expect cases to erupt in the coming weeks.

Measures have been announced to control the epidemic in France’s mainland without paralyzing the economy: as of Monday, isolation for positively vaccinated individuals could increase from 10 to 7 days, with isolation possible after 5 days. The case of negative tests. Workers who have been vaccinated in priority or asymptomatic fields may request exceptions to continue their professional activity. Isolation of vaccinated contact persons has been suspended. Contact persons who have not been vaccinated should observe 10 days of continuous isolation. The isolation period for unvaccinated patients is maintained at 10 days, without the possibility of seeking dismissal from work.

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Govt-19 appeared in New Caledonia on September 6 and killed 282 people.