May 18, 2024

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Pedophilia in the Church: Former Pope Benedict XVI accused of inaction in four sexual abuse cases

What does he know? Pope Emeritus tightens the noose on Benedict XVI That was strongly questioned in an independent report submitted Thursday in Germany Sexual abuse of minors in the German Diocese He led the charge in the 1980s.

In a statement to prosecutors, Attorney Martin Bush said Emeritus Pope had “absolutely” denied any responsibility and that the authors of the report did not consider it “credible”. Because in both cases, they are members of the clergy, and they have carried out a number of certified attacks, including in the courts, he points out. The two priests were in the church, and he charged that nothing had been done.

Joseph Ratzinger denied that he knew anything about this pastor

Experts believe that Mrg Ratzinger knew the past of Peter Hullerman’s pedophile in the 1980s from North Rhine-Westphalia in Bavaria, where he continued to abuse without concern for decades. In 1986, the court sentenced him to a suspended sentence. But he was later transferred to another Bavarian city, where he was charged again. It is necessary to wait until 2010 for this priest to retire compulsorily. Joseph Ratzinger refused to disclose the past of this priest, whose case made headlines in 2010, at the time of Benedict XVI XVI.

The authors of the report are Cardinal Reinhardt also knitted Marx, The current Archbishop of Munich and Freezing, for being negligent in two cases of priests suspected of child abuse. The latter should briefly state his conclusions in the afternoon.

Overall, the report condemns the systematic cover-up of cases of violence against minors between 1945 and 2019, in their opinion, “to protect the Church.” The victims’ “opinion” was “not enough in many respects, even after 2010”, as revealed The first pedophilia scandals in the German church, He judges. The Holy See has stated that it will take note of the contents of the report, which it does not yet know.

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Compensation should be provided to the victims

The Munich Inquiry creates a new chapter in clarifying the actions of Pedophilia affecting the Catholic Church around the world. Four years ago, a report at least revealed it 3,677 children have been sexually abused More than a thousand German clergy since 1946. Most are never allowed. Since then, each diocese has commissioned local surveys.

Video. Child crimes in church: In Lourdes, religion kneels as a sign of repentance

After the official apology, the church set up a restoration – Is considered insufficient by the victims – Up to 50,000 euros per person, compared to 5,000 euros so far. On Tuesday, Matthias Katsch, president of the victims’ association Eckiger Tisch, again demanded “appropriate compensation” instead of “empty words”. It remains to be seen what effect the revelations of the Munich lawyers will have.

This Thursday, Benedict XVI expressed “his shock and humiliation” in the face of pedophilia in the German church. Pope Emeritus, 94, said in a statement that he “knew nothing about the report” and would “examine it in the coming days”, “expressing his personal closeness and his prayers to all those affected.” His secretary, in particular, Bishop George Concepcion, was sent to the Vatican news agency.