February 28, 2024

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According to his teams, Eric Jemmore and Donald Trump spoke on the phone

BFM TV Info – According to Eric Zemmour teams, the candidate and the former president of the United States spoke on the phone on Monday. “The media will see you as brutal. Don’t give up,” the former White House tenant advised him.

An exchange to follow in the footsteps of Donald Trump, who surprised everyone in the US presidential election. Eric Jemmore and the former US president contacted each other by phone for about forty minutes on Monday, the French candidate’s entourage told BFMTV.

“Do not give”

He is a former journalist Figaro Who initiated this call. “Our manager for French people living abroad, Trump, contacted the cabinet and offered to arrange a physical or telephone meeting. The cabinet agreed to both, but the trip to Florida was complicated., The group organized the phone exchange “, understands the intimacy of the campaign.

And Eric Jemmore’s teams describe a candidate who seeks the advice of someone whom many consider a role model for his campaign. And for good reason. Very solid Tension with journalistsTraumatic comments, Court sentencesMeetings interfere with incidents Sometimes violent… The pose of the far-right candidate and the tension surrounding his entry into the campaign are reminiscent of former US President Donald Trump.

“To win, never change your tax. Never give up,” the former White House resident advised the Reconquest boss.

“Never change”

“The media will see you as brutal. If you want to win, never change. Keep your credibility and your courage,” Donald Trump introduced Eric Gemmer.

The former White House tenant also shared his views on France. The deep feeling of the French will be the fear of immigration for the former American president, which underscores his ideological closeness with the candidate in this matter.

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Strengthen its international position

This phone exchange comes just in time for the Reconvest boss who wants to gain international status. After the failure of his promotional tour in London and Geneva, he was disinterested, and his visit to Budapest did not lead to official exchanges with Hungarian President Viktor Orban. In Armenia, during his first official trip as a candidate, he was only able to meet with delegates.

Finally, it allows the former columnist to stand apart from Marine Le Pen. In the middle of the 2017 presidential campaign, the National Rally candidate went to the Trump Tower in hopes of meeting the United States. This attempt failed.