February 27, 2024

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According to the military, more than a hundred Israeli soldiers have been killed since the offensive began

According to the military, more than a hundred Israeli soldiers have been killed since the offensive began

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office has announced that an Iranian attack plan targeting Israelis has been foiled in Cyprus.

Israel and Cyprus thwarted Iran’s attack plan “Israeli and Jewish Goals” on the Mediterranean island, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said Sunday. “Cyprus Security and Law Enforcement Agency, in cooperation with Mossad”Israel’s National Intelligence Agency, “Destroyed Iranian terrorist infrastructure planning attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets in Cyprus”It is reported in a Joint press release.

Cypriot police earlier told Agence France-Presse that they had arrested two people on suspicion “National Security”. “We are investigating a case related to terrorism”, a spokesman said without further details. Daily life Kathimerini Two Iranians suspected of plotting attacks against Israelis are being held and awaiting extradition. The newspaper said they were political refugees linked to Iran’s ideological army, the Revolutionary Guards, and were in the early stages of gathering intelligence on targets.

After the arrest Mr. Netanyahu’s office said “Substantial information was obtained which helped identify the attackers, their operation, the targets of the attack and the Iranian plan to kill innocent people in Cyprus and elsewhere”. According to the report, Iran, which supports Hamas, “Intensified its efforts to advance terrorism around the world” Since the October 7 attack on Israeli soil by the Palestinian Islamic Movement. Located about 400 kilometers from Israel, Cyprus has a large Israeli community, with political ties strengthened in recent years by the exploitation of the region’s energy resources. The island also served as a relocation center for foreigners expelled from Israel after the outbreak of war.

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