May 27, 2024

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Among COP26, China is increasing its coal production by more than one million tons per day

As the global economy grows, the Asian company is taking on the burden of rising commodity prices.

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A product against global goals. China has increased its daily coal production by more than 1 million tonnes amid power shortages as world leaders bitterly negotiate a deal on COP26 to save the planet from global warming. “Disaster”.

In the midst of the global economic recovery, China is experiencing the full burden of the rising cost of raw materials, especially coal, on which it relies 60% to supply electricity to its power plants. This situation, despite strong demand, pushes power plants to a standstill, leading to rationing of electricity and rising production costs for companies.

To ease the pressure, authorities have given permission to reopen coal mines in recent weeks. The move goes against Chinese President Xi Jinping’s promise to reduce his country’s carbon emissions by 2030.

Since mid-October, daily coal production has exceeded 11.5 million tonnes, the powerful planning agency NDRC said on Sunday. This represents a 1.1 million tonne capacity increase compared to the end of September. China is the world’s largest coal producer and the world’s largest polluter. VS ‘However the country that invests the most in clean energy.

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