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Announces referendums, restructuring, reinforcements, reopening of markets: The

Caledonia’s key news: Anniversary of the second referendum, the debate on maintaining December 12 to the third, the announcement by the head of government of the arrival of new health reinforcements or the reopening of markets.

A year ago, a second referendum

On October 4, 2020, the people on the ballot were called to the polls to determine whether New Caledonia was independent or not. This ballot under the colors of the flag, marked by a high turnout, did not win at 53.26%.
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Should we postpone or maintain a third date?

This is the second self-determination consultation stated in the Nemia Agreement. The third and final nine weeks are scheduled. And its date is being discussed again: should we keep it to December 12th or postpone it? The subject divides the political class. Caledonian Republicans, MPC and Generation NC need maintenance; The Political Bureau of UC and FLNKS, to ask for adjournment; Caltoni Group and Oceania Awareness are currently prioritizing managing the health crisis …
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The Minister’s visit is coming soon

This was one of the main topics on the agenda during the visit of Sebastien Legornu. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is expected in Caledonia tomorrow evening. It is narrowing the gap on the health situation, but organizes this December 12 referendum.

Fifth week under viral symptoms

Caledonia begins its fifth week fighting the presence of the virus in its soil. After eight new deaths in twenty-four hours, the list of unfortunate victims has reached 150, according to a health report released yesterday. This was the question of 54 patients admitted to the intensive care unit and 277 patients admitted to the hospital in the Govt ward. 109 Govt + people are under surveillance in a hotel. 5,401 people are thought to have recovered.

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Press next year at 2pm today and follow our antennas directly. He will discuss reopening schools.

Continuation of national unity

Additional reinforcement for caregivers. More than a hundred people from France came to Thondavuda last night for national unity. They were welcomed by High Commissioner Patrice Farrell, but they will be suspended from tomorrow by Head of State Louis Mapu, Southern Province President Sonia Bax and delegates Gomez and Dunair.

Control continues

In this context, keep in mind that the prison term that was supposed to end tonight has been extended to two weeks. Adaptation is possible from October 11 to 17, strictly until October 10th. The announcement is due Friday afternoon.

The market will reopen soon

Markets will reopen next Saturday if strict health protocol is followed. This is what the head of government, Louis Mapu, announced yesterday as a TV news guest. However, subsistence fishing and hunting are not permitted.

Attorney Michael Dubiana goes missing …

Michael Dubiana, the honorary president of the Human Rights Council, died at the age of 69 on Saturday. In the late eighties, at the end of the Ovia tragedy he was a FLNKS lawyer. And contributed to the constitution of the LDH-NC. This human rights defender Maurice Baban argued at trial as a civil party and was unarmed by the Basque separatist organization ETA.

… and businessman Bernard Debbie

Death of Bernard Debbie. The businessman, former president of the Olympic de Marcell and former minister of the city, died Sunday morning of general cancer. He is 78 years old. In his various affiliations with foreign countries, he purchased the newspapers of the former Hershend Group in December 2012. Whose New Caledonian, The only daily newspaper in Le Kylo was bought by a group of local investors next May.

Stand paddle: undeniable caucus

In completely different genres, this is the Cagourico: Caledonian hat-trick at the French Inland Water Championship. The Knock Carriet won a longer distance than Tiduan Puyo and Clement Golmas. Unchallenged domination, like worlds.
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Colonel Spinetta, employer of the sexes in Caledonia

Mercado in New Caledonian Gendermary. Her new boss is called Fabrice Spinetta. Since October 1, he has replaced Colonel Steiger, who was fired after Mediapart revealed his conviction for domestic violence. Until then, Colonel Spinetta had been acting. He will be assisted by Nicholas Mathews, who is well versed in the Caledonian landscape. About fifteen years ago, he was president of Numia.

Finally, General Marietti returned, but only for a short time. The former “comment” is responsible for overseeing the employees who are on the third ballot.

Hard financial help for the deceased

We come to the many consequences of infection. Caring for the deceased represents a real headache for grieving families. If the government had quickly ensured that burial and cremation prices would be structured at ground prices, this would not be the case for now. This creates difficult situations for those around them. Testimonials will be available on our site this morning.

Life is collected

Fifteen minutes of meditation, at home, in memory of those who died of the epidemic but also in support of health workers and officials. In Liffey, people were in the prayer union for a quarter of an hour this Sunday. An attempt by the Lifou City Council. Everyone celebrated this time of meditation in their own way: meditation, prayer, even silence …

One-third of the Caledonians were fully vaccinated

Regarding the vaccine, 3,161 people received the vaccine on Saturday. Since the beginning of the campaign, more than 56% of the total population has received the first dose. At this point, more than 36% have a complete immunization schedule.

Breakfast guest

The entire region is experiencing the effects of the Govt 19 epidemic. To explore the situation in the Northern Province, the morning guest was its second vice-president, Valentine Yurishok.

Country Questions

How did companies, health workers, workers and parents of students experience this month of imprisonment? How do they see getting out of prison and returning to almost normal life? After the lunch paper, Cedric Wagahhuknem comes in Country Questions : Valerie Sai, Vice President of Medep; Benoit Chabert, Connie CHN Surgeon; Stephen N. Katiman, President of the APE Federation, Students ‘Parents’ Associations, Pasta; And Milo Boniva, Uzonek General Secretary.

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Who says blockade, says closed city halls. While certain procedures such as birth or death certificates are always possible, this does not apply to identity cards and passports. So the already long deadline is long overdue.

Return to Catholic worship and the masses

From September 7, Caledonians will no longer be able to physically attend public and worship services. Live broadcast facilities have been arranged for the church and the believers to continue to receive unity during these difficult times.

Limited, they are constantly cleaning

Very lush try. Individuals collect waste using their daily stroll time. This is the situation of Alex Parkiband, who walks around with a garbage bag in his hand every day. The Faubourg-Blanchot resident collected less than 150 cans during his cleaning trip to the neighborhood. If you want to do the same, take a picture of yourself and share it on social media with the hashtag #mongestepourlaplanete.

Announcement to Montorian Readers!

In Mont-Dor, the “Unity Book, Limited Reading” function begins today. To make up for the closure of libraries and media libraries, the city has put its book list online. Readers must book their books on the site
mediatheque.mont-dore.nc. They can collect their books wherever they want.
Information about 43 67 11.

Mandatory vaccination to enter Kiwi country

Passengers entering New Zealand need to be vaccinated. This weekend, all travelers aged 17 and over who are not Kiwi citizens must be fully vaccinated to enter New Zealand. Air New Zealand has announced measures to ban access to its international flights to all unvaccinated passengers from 1 February.